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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle SHUCK
Post Content
Just tells me that these are people in this world who are so fucking stupid and pathetic and uneducated, that they are eating their own poop. Hard to feel sorry for them...

wow! Your sense of humanity and being HUMANE is touching.
IF you ever get in the position where you are ill or displaced and have to live off your SHIT, I guarentee you will be MOBIDLY OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's hoping!!

I lost everything I owned 5 years ago in Katrina, Home, clothes, food, living family members, etc....I never ate my shit...nor did I become dependant on others....I had not a dime in my pocket...moved my family, focused, became industrious, reinvented myself, and now I reap a VERY profitable life....go fuck yourself.....

All I hear on this thread are a bunch of sissies praising this guy, saying I wish I could be like him, donating money to websites out of guilt, and not ONE fucvking person actually planning to do anything themselves, just a bunch of cry baby dreamers who wish things were different. See the difference between this guy and every asshole hear, is he did not sit online, cry, wine, and dream...he got off his ass, ans did something...

Look, I never said I did not respect him, but if all you do is fucking feed someone, and do not teach them and skills to fend for yourself, then all you are doing is building a fanbase of people who cannot live on their own ever...Guess what, once he dies, or becomes ill, all of theses peoplke will go back to being the way they werte, because they were not really helped,, they had a bandaid on a bigger issue of self preservation...Do any of you actually get it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1059909

I congratulate you sir...you have done well ..you have risen and fought adversity and learned, however, please look a little more closer at the video..you will see that many of those he cares for have some mental disability. Obviously you just looked at someone pandering to people who wouldn't get of their arses...and saw what you wanted to see..
And without looking deeper at things you sir will not "get it" either..!!! however you are an American and from what I gather ..most Americans don't give a flying fuck about other people anyway....so you are excused from the race of human beings as you just made a really good case!! now go stand in the corner!!
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