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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just tells me that these are people in this world who are so fucking stupid and pathetic and uneducated, that they are eating their own poop. Hard to feel sorry for them...

Why did you have to spoil this thread with your ignorant comments.

Tks OP for posting this vid. Selfless giving is the best kind of giving. Beautiful indeed.

I do not think I spoiled anything. I have a right to an opinion just as you do. My post is real...This guy is going to spend his life feeding these people who "cannot do it themselves" Im sorry...you are just a limp wristed liberal...You like the idea of this guy, but obviously you do not have the "wherewithall" to do it yourself, so you are just spending some time fantacizaing how YOU would feel if you COULD do what he actually does...

Lets see if any of these people help him if he gets sick...I actually am glad that there are people like this in the world...I just think that if a person is so fucking stupid as to eat their own shit, they deserve the ramifications of that action...Even a retard can learn what plants are native to their environment, or can fucking start walking into another place that is not so fucked up. I just don't really have a lot of compassion for people who cannot fend for themselves....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1059909


No man is an island.

Fending for "yourself" is allowed in lieu of the blood of a collective group of those who fought for things such as the Magna Carta, freedom of speech, American and Canadian constitution, liberty, etc.

Yet at the same time I believe you have a valid argument with elements of much needed truth.

That is the idea of pulling up your own bootstraps rather than living off of government. This is a fundamental element of liberty which is a elusive animal. lol

The counter retort is if we eliminated government who would then govern?

The answer is not a elimination but a evolution of government. Since no form of government is ever successful we should study the writings of a expert in British North American law. Thomas Jefferson.

He is well aware of the situation. lol

The question lies...

Why would anybody oppose liberty? lol

I believe the ideas of Western Republics answers the question although I am open to ideas from those who have experienced a different form of Superior government.(tongue in cheek) lol

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