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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm just so surprised that no-one has asked: "Why isn't he feeding them beef? - great fat juicy steaks! There are plenty of cows wandering around the streets there. It's not nice Indians these poor fellas need, it's some good ol' Cowboys and the spirit that won the West, yee-hah!"

Yep, in this world, you're either a Cowboy or an Indian.

Old Tex says: "Subji my ass!"

Because of brainwashing, intentional illiteracy, by TPTB, and RELIGION, these fuckwads over there think that cows are magical reincarnations of people, so they would rather eat their own shit, than kill a fucking cow, and save their own lives...

I've waited patiently for you to leave this thread, but now I'll just ask you to.

I haven't said anything to any of the negative people on this thread, because everyone has a right to an opinion.

But you've gone past that and now you're just trolling.

Please save your hate and anger for those whom you purport to help. And if god gives those people nothing else, pleaese give them patience with you.
 Quoting: Soul Devine

I dont think so. I do have people here that agree with my position. I am not trolling, I am passionate about NOT giving everything to everyone. The key to better the planet to to teach and empower, not being a socialist, taking from others. If I can change one persons mind about thinking this guy is Jesus and seeing it for what it is (a really nice way of delaying the enevitable, which is their death anyways)then it is a good thing. Teaching someone how to do for themselves is more important than giving other peoples money at it. Because I dont make you feel good, you wasnt to ask me to leave, I have not trolled as you say, one bit. I have posted valid statements, and people have agreed with me, so I am not alone in the reality, that this guy is not really helping for the long run. It just looks nice on TV.
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