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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just tells me that these are people in this world who are so fucking stupid and pathetic and uneducated, that they are eating their own poop. Hard to feel sorry for them...

Why did you have to spoil this thread with your ignorant comments.

Tks OP for posting this vid. Selfless giving is the best kind of giving. Beautiful indeed.

I do not think I spoiled anything. I have a right to an opinion just as you do. My post is real...This guy is going to spend his life feeding these people who "cannot do it themselves" Im sorry...you are just a limp wristed liberal...You like the idea of this guy, but obviously you do not have the "wherewithall" to do it yourself, so you are just spending some time fantacizaing how YOU would feel if you COULD do what he actually does...

Lets see if any of these people help him if he gets sick...I actually am glad that there are people like this in the world...I just think that if a person is so fucking stupid as to eat their own shit, they deserve the ramifications of that action...Even a retard can learm what plants are native to their environment, or can fucking start walking into another place that is not so fucked up. I just dont really have alot of compassion for people who cannot fend for themselves....

You are missing the whole point. Aside from all the reasoning you just gave the point is to help your "brother" when they are in pain. Fullstop.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1191244

My brother is my neighbor. Charity starts at home! Not some weirdo half way across the planet, thaqt has not done for himself. He will take my charity like a useless consumer, and after he is done eating my food, if I leave for 3 days to go buy some more food, guess what, he will eat my food again in the form of his own shit. This activity does not help!!!! Only empowerment helps.....Have you ever heard the one who gave up his entire life to lead a life of charity, sounds great, huh fuckwad, but he lost his children, home, and wife to do so.Sounds great on the outside, but even though he is charitible, he4 is a low life piece of shit, because he forgot charity begins at home...you people will never get it...The only ones screaming to donate are probably broke themselves, so you want MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, and others with money to save your concerns....Noone gave me my financial ability to provide for the ones I do care about, but myself...so why should I give a fuck about people who make no impact in my life. I give everyday...as a matter of fact, I dont like American Blacks, but I got one at my house right now, spending the night with my daughter for her birthday, and her hood rat, black panther militant fucktard father did not get my daughter a gift, so I went out and bought a gift for her to give to my daughter. Now my daughter understands some people are just broke right now, ande she wouldent give a shit if her friend got her nothing, but I did not want the poor girl to feel left out and weird, si I went out and bought an appropriate gift for her to present. It is nother fault her Dad id a piece of shit racist. I do care about her. I gave at home...I encourage you all do the same....Give money directly within 10 miles of your home....this internaqtional donation shit is stupid. Fucking Americans on this thread broke as shit, donating to some charity they just found out about today on a video. Get a fucking grip!!! Get off the asses, and walk down the street and make a difference. wtf
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