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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sorry but I have to swim against the stream and agree with poster 1059909...

if you could put aside the emotional aspects this film is designed to engage

and look at the reasons WHY so many people in that country are in that condition

maybe his posts wouldn't seem so outlandish.

I think the guy in that video is a good soul

but as I said

are those poor to be fed in perpetuity until the end of their days?

at what point do they fend for themselves?

By the looks of it they will need to be fed tomorrow
and the next day and the next until .... when???

You're hungry and you eat shit - rather than kill an animal or eat some native plants?

Not ALL of those people eat their own shit you stupid conservative. Did you not see them digging through trash? Did you not see them sleeping on the street? They have managed to "survive" on their own. They have been fending themselves.

The difference between conservatives and liberals is when a liberal see someone down, he wants to help and when a conservative see someone down, he wants that person to get up on his own.

Have you ever considered that if more people are "liberal" like this man, maybe the person being helped can get educated, can get a job, can make a living and then he too can turn around and help others? On the other hand, when more people are like you, the world is a fucking depressing place to live. We are all one minor injury away from being completely fucked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1181156

Well spoken poster. That is the difference, exactly. When a liberal sees someone down he WANTS to help. But does he????Universally NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 He wants some money from a conservative! Good Night, I pray you come to me for help, we can work something out! I wont ask you to get up on your own, but what is wrong with that, you fucking pansey....but if you do ever come to me for help I will do everything in my power, to get you to a point that you dont need help, I just wont WANT to help. You are a Fucking lost cause, cause you want to he4lp, but dont know how, so you dont do shit, at least I have the capital to make a difference whern I want to because I will not allow fucked up liberal politics take it from me!!! Howeverr you are free to try to ent4er my home and take it, just bring a towel with you, because as you lay dying inmy home with pants full of shit and piss, I will make you eat it!
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