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love and tolerance

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United States
12/12/2010 01:55 AM
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love and tolerance
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Feast Day
December 12th
feliz cumpleanos a ti mi reina amo a mi virgen de guadalupe

i have faith in my lady
i have faith in my lord and in jesus
i may not go to church every sunday but my heart is his
he gave me life there for my best friend i have faith
that people will change and those who are good hearted will always stay that way i admire good hearted people it is not weekness but strength and are the one who keep me going through my day i love my family and firends and thank god for meanting them that day and for people who arent my friends it maybe not yet or not ever if your the only one stoping yourself but hate will never come from me cuase hate is a very strong word to use again someone but love forgiveness is a even stronger words. i can say i am fully cathlic but i do belive that there is a lord that created me and watches over me i belive in wrong from right and that equalness is what is right looking at life and the people in it by the heart cuase thats were real beauty comes from our bodys are just shells dat hold our souls and grow old you may have beauty when young but it will fade away as your days are counted but your soul will also grow but grow wiser and may grow even more beautiful over time if you help yourself on it change can be do but only if wanted or at least thats what i belive am still young and have alot to learn and will welcome and decide if what am told is right or wrong and hope to grow wise in time to become someone important in life i have faith that i will and that god will be with me throug the good and bad i just turned 17 a few months ago i go by suyin and ive been wanting to make changes in the world as long as i can remeber...id like to help those in need but i'll need time to build my way to the tope and help those in need
hopefully anyone who took the time to read what i wrote will hear from me soon
thank you all and god bless you all
angels dont have wings
trata a los demas como te gustaria ser tratado y siempre ten fe que es lo que siempre te levantara