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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle susano
Post Content
i used it a couple days ago and definitely seemed to have reactions, some negative. so i was kind of freaked out that this might just be more mind control/programming. i'm pretty sure i've seen a lot of the symbols and whatnot that are in the video, relating to tptb/illuminati.

but oddly enough, i did just read that there can be side effects as the healing progresses and what's even more strange, is the side effects they have listed are some of the things i've experienced

what does everyone think, is this beneficial or just another trick to screw with our heads?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1177562

I think the affiramtions speak for themsleves and are very positive.

As for symbols - just because the Illuminati has appropriated something (like the six pointed star) it doesn't mean it's bad. Long before the star got hijacked as "the star of David" and the Israeli flag it was an ancient spiritual symbol (as was the swastika).

FWIW, though I enjoyed the video, I haven't "felt" anything.
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