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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle Maury
Post Content
My Experience. Somehow I had aggravated a back injury of several years ago four or five days before finding this thread. That would have been Tuesday or Wednesday December 7 or December 8. By Saturday morning, December 11, I was seriously thinking of going to the Chiropractor who helped me before. He had told me I had a bulging disc in my lower back and pulled muscles. It had taken him ten days to get me back to normal and probably six or seven visits to his office in that time period. Anyway, Sunday morning, the 12th I could barely move around the house in the morning and was putting an ice pack on my back which alleviated most of the pain but was not, in my opinion, fixing the problem. Well, I watched this video and the next morning it was amazing. I watched it each day for the next four days and I must say I feel almost completely back to normal. No pain in my back, no restriction of movement at all. Also, I would add there is a tremendous calm by the time the video is finished. There definitely is something to it and it is a very good thing, in my opinion.
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