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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I use sound medicine in my healing practice. I highly recommend this. Personally I prefer the youtube version that can be ripped easily using video to mp3 site, I put them in order in a playlist on my iPod and listen to them that way, it's more of a guided meditation (he reads the words you see on the screen instead of you having to read them). It's the tones that are important along with the affirmations..the tone affect different aspects of your body mind and spirit and the words go in deeper.

I also use solfeggio frequencies, Tuvan Throat Singing, drum medicine, and other vibrational sounds such as the didgeridoo, and some carefully selected iDose tracks.

I have had great success with using sound medicine in my practice along with energy, stone, and herbal medicine, (both ethnogenic and regular).
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