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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Just thought you might appreciate my report on the personal healing offered at this website. I ordered my own screenflow along with a report on my health this past month.

I received a 9 page report and a personalized screenflow. It all resonated with me and cleared up things I intuited but didn't know for sure.

And, the first time I watched my personal screenflow, I made a breakthrough. Needless to say, I'll watch it until I feel I'm ready for the next. I will order them as needed.

I didn't find your thread until after I had already been watching the free screenflow at the website. I agree that even the free one is powerful. That's why I decided to get my personal one.

Thumbs up for you for finding the link. It is a great site. I think you might be turning people off by promoting it so much, but who knows? Do what you feel to do. I hope people are finding this site so what can I say?

All the best...

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