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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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EASTERN RELIGION - meditation.

The trick of mediation - you are told that you are divine and have latent divine powers - but that to realise this "truth", one must attain "spiritual enlightenment" through the practice of meditation in order to perceive (experience) the "truth" of this "truth". To a generation devoid of faith and instead indoctrinated to believe that "proof" must be had in order to believe , the perceptions and experiences that meditation brings "proves" the "truth".
This is lunacy, because if I told a jungle native who has never experienced electricity to stick his finger in a power socket and it would prove to him the existence of a fire god living inside that power socket, guess what thought he will conclude is "truth" when he does it? The truth of an electrical current or a fire god inside the box? The latter of course. This is the same fallacy that millions of meditators use to conclude what their yogis promise them is the truth, that it's your divine self, your "godhead" - their perception and experience confirms the promises of the yogis as "truth". It matters not that the yogis who hold it out as truth are mistaken.

The Creator of Heaven and Earth however has commanded His Own to never empty the mind and seek "within" for good reason. Eve perceived that the 'fruit' was good through her senses....and that it would make her wise through the knowledge gained, that her eye would be opened. The rest is history.

There are no sorcerers in the Kingdom of God. Please stop sucking down these fallacies as "truth" and using the experiences perceived as proof of truth! Just because they say it is truth DOES NOT MAKE IT SO.

Lying signs and wonders.
Turning water (Truths) into blood (Falsities).

The experiences of Meditation, disguised as so many different names and practices, are "proof" offered to unbelievers to believe the lie. Understand the time in which we live. These things don't swamp the message boards for no reason - Satan gathers his armies to fight Christ Jesus. This may seem harmless but it couldn't be more deadly.

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