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Subject The World Trade Center - Fake Smoke Piping & Delivery System
Poster Handle Josey Wales
Post Content
The World Trade Center - Fake Smoke Piping & Delivery System

When you come across a discovery like this, with the implications being so far and wide, it is well worth the time to slow down and examine the claims and the evidence.

[link to letsrollforums.com]

All along one side of the world trade center, what we believe is the 94th floor, is an exterior piping system which runs in and out of all the windows, and upon close examination is belching out thick black smoke.

[link to letsrollforums.com]

To see the rest of the research article and all the other pictures go here;

And make sure you scroll through every page in the thread because there are even more smoke pipes discovered later; Roughly 9 of them at the WTC so far.

[link to letsrollforums.com]

Josey Wales --
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