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Message Subject My Friend Told Me To AVOID WATCHING HORROR MOVIES For Good!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
~ ALWAYS REMEMBER: Two rooms. One of darkness, one of Light. Open the door between the two, see which one floods into the other and NEVER FORGET WHICH ONE _DOES_NOT_... and WHY. =)


I may put that on the fridge to read every day.
Wonderful words. Thank you.
 Quoting: Crescent Wench

I believe 2nd paragraph was from Helen Keller...can't remember, but the rest is from Dr. Len Horowitz...

This is the difference between the power of our creator & anything else, particularly evil . . .

You can go into a pitch black room full of evil/darkness with only a small candle of light, and instantly that darkness flees . . .

But, you can't do the opposite.

There's no amount of darkness that can go into a well lit room of truth, righteousness, joy, or harmony with the universal power, that can have any effect what-so-ever.

Many well-known alternative lecturers/writers use this in their work, and add their own little tweaks to it. It's one of my favorites too.

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