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Message Subject Denver Cop Beats Disabled Woman For Not Opening Door Fast Enough
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great monologue.

Unfortunately, it'll never happen. Americans won't "rise up" anymore. I think it has to do with all the fluoride in the water supply.

Just think, a couple hundred years ago we revolted over a tax on tea! Can you imagine? A full-on revolt, over TEA?

Now we beg forgiveness as the system kicks our teeth in. My my how far the mighty have fallen.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1144869

It will happen, but it's going to be down right ugly the circumstances that are going to bring it to fruitation.

Our country is quickly falling and will soon end up in 3rd world status. How far we have come in just 10 years, or even in just 2-4. Personally, we were pretty darn well off 10 years ago, and even just 4 years ago, we were doing pretty terrific considering. But now, we are on the brink of losing everything because our other family members are too self-centered to work together to ensure there remains ONE house for ALL...we are the most viable with a 5 bedroom home that could quickly and easily become a 7-8 bedroom home if everyone could pull together (3 upstairs and 3 in the basement and 1-2 on the main level)...granted, it would be a bit cramped, but doable. We also have 10 acres in the middle of nothing but cropland and CRP land...only 11 miles from town, but "in the middle of nowhere". We also have 1 outbuilding and a 30x36 garage, pasture, and 2 horses. When we can't afford gas for the vehicles anymore, our horses are able to be ridden to town to get supplies. We owe less than $60,000 on our mortgage. But everyone wants to maintain their own homes or apartments or rentals...hubby's parents and siblings maintain 4 separate residences for 5 people...my parents and brother maintain 3 separate residences for 4 people. None of them live in a viable, self-preserving property...no land to speak of that can sustain them.

When people like us lose everything, not all of them are going to work together to survive and I would imagine a VERY small percentage would. The social criminal elements are going to be the ones that rise up first, and We The People will have no choice but to rise up after, just to protect what is ours. The cops are going to get caught up on one side or the other, and those who don't choose will get caught in the crossfire.
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