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Message Subject Denver Cop Beats Disabled Woman For Not Opening Door Fast Enough
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I do not pity them when it comes time for the tables to turn. They asked for it. And for those who dare to say there are good cops, I beg to differ...any cop who doesn't turn on the corrupt cops is NO good cop at all, since they hide behind the blue wall and allow these corrupt cops to take over a once highly respected and selfless profession of community service.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1148234

The cops that go against their fellow cops can pay with their life - code of silence.

I know. I knew one very well who did just that. He couldn't stomach some things he saw his fellow cops do (6 of them). It was something that would have sent all 6 of them to prison. He reported it but the admin wanted to hide it and told him to shut up about it or else.

He told them he was going to quit and expose it. He was murdered two days after that by his brothers in blue. I tried to expose that also and damn near got killed myself. Got it to a federal level and it was dozens of them saying one thing and me another.

You can't fight them. It's them against you. They lie, kill and cheat for each other.

Don't ever trust a cop unless it's your father, brother, etc. and even then I wouldn't.

Two doors down from me is a house decorated for Christmas with blue lights - a cop. The whole family is a bunch of trash.

Cops are not upstanding citizens.
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