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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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How about making corps liable for their actions..

If we destroyed them all we'd all be unemployed and famine would ensue..

Just make it so corporation's officers are liable for their actions.

I hate to break it to you; Corporations have made record profits and the unemployment rates are highest since the Great Depression. And ...famine is a reality for many in this country.

Stop drinking their coolaid.

Why are you all so fear-based?

Study other models like in Germany, where there are laws that mandate a percentage of employed-owned "cooperative" type shares and a collective voice in German corporations.

That is one example. There are many in history.

Get yourselves weaned off the corporate tit and educate yourselves ...please.

Pro Liberate!


I kind of agreed with you at first but you actually ARE a tool. So nm, Fuck your idea and those like you.
So we should all move out to the farm land and grow soy? Who are you fucking Pol-Pot? Is that your solution? A forced cultural revolution? Corporations are fine, they just currently are equal to a human in court and are NOT LIABLE for their destruction! If they were held accountable for their actions they probably wouldn't take huge risks! Why demonize a good portion of corporations who are good just cause you are jealous of a handful of them. It is you sir who are pushing hate and fear..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1011642

Pol-Pot? A forced "cultural revolution"? First of all, Pol Pot was Vietnamese and the Cultural Revolution occurred In China under Mao Tse Tung, idiot ...and both were Communists not Socialists.

I have combed through my posts looking for any place I suggested a "cultural revolution" ...do you even know what the Cultrual Revolution was all about, fool? The last people for a Cutural revoltuion would be Socialists ...real Socialists that is ... and as far as Pol Pot ...I hardly think calling for a boycott of corporate fascism is equivalent to putting people in concentration camps and executing millions.

What wrong with you people? It's really embarrassing to be an American in that ignorance seems to be a national pastime.

I can only believe that you are so ill-educated because of the Capitalist-inspired John Dewey educational system here.

[link to wilderdom.com]

I think you need to have some psychotherapy for your obvious irrationality and your phobic response to anything other than the facsist corptocracy you seem so loyal to to the point of imbecilic fanaticism.

Get help.

Get a proper education ...and grow the fuck up, please.

Pro Liberate!

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