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Subject Freaky! My Glass Shower door Shattered in the middle of the night
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sleeping soundly we were awoken @ 3:30 a.m. by a strange crash coming from inside the house. Looking around did not see anything until I turned on the light in the master bathroom and saw that one of the shower doors shattered into a thousand pieces (tempered glass)

For the last few months there were popping sounds coming from the bathroom and I didn't think too much about it thought expansion or whatever.

i stepped on a sliver of glass and it seems to be still in my skin - can't find it or feel it. the mess of glass mostly is in the shower stall (no tub-had it taken out and put a walk in shower last year) it's gonna be a bitch to clean up but i'm just glad it didn't happen when i was taking a shower!!

the door seemed to just explode in the middle of the night.

i called the manufacturer and they are sending a whole replacement set and advised me to take out the in tact door in case that one breaks too. it is still making noises in there-the glass/door.

i was freaked out and couldn't sleep after that except drifting in and out thinking about what to do.

i have never experienced something so strange. i don;t know if the glass was defective or the installation was a factor.

i'm glad i am getting replacements at no charge that was an unexpected surprise.

it's been warm here -- @ 3:30 am it was not freezing not a big temp drop from the day.

anyway trippy
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