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Message Subject HEY GLP, Help me name muh kitteh!
Poster Handle Wayne_Ker
Post Content
I once named a cat Kit E. Cat and we simply called her Kit however, the name will work for a male just as well.

Out of curiosity, did the cat pick up on your unique spelling of "kitty"?

Absolutely not however when we returned from the United Kingdom the British government official at customs certainly did.

The naming process was simple we did the back door check meaning we opened the back door yelled the name out several times and found that when we closed the door we did not feel like absolute fools calling the name so it stuck.

She responded to the can opener however, we did not call her can opener as it failed the backdoor check.

I realize your response was one of belittlement and if these types of posts peeve you then move on.

...I noticed that, too, SilverPatriot.

Here, have a puppeh:

 Quoting: acadian

awwww, cute puppeh
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