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Message Subject The Maitreya is here, what the Illuminati know about the topic.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Anything that can be imagined can be realized. Anything.

Imagine a Truth website. Centipedia. 100% Truth.

Imagine it's online 24 hours a day, perpetually. If your ISP is blocked, if your internet service is cancelled, it's still online for you. If the whole internet goes down, it's stays online. If every satellite in space is knocked out, it stays online. If electricity is cut to your house, it's still online. Absolutely nothing can block its availability to you.

Imagine it has high resolution video and audio of every conversation, from every angle, of every event of consequence throughout history. Audio and transcript translations of every video are available in every language. You can download any/every video you wish.

Imagine you type in "John Kennedy, November 22, 1963" on the Centipedia search engine and watch everything that happened that day, from the moment Kennedy woke up and brushed his teeth, until his death by gunshot. Zoom in on the book depository and see if Oswald is there. Zoom in on the grassy knoll. Keep the video on Oswald and hit rewind, and see what he actually did all day. Listen to him talk to his handlers for the weeks leading up to the shooting. Watch the video of his handlers, and backtrack from them to their bosses. Listen to everyone's conversations before, during and after. Find the three other shooters. Find out who gave the orders to kill him. Find out why.

Imagine you can view the events of 9/11. See video from inside the airplanes as they hit. Listen to the SS agent whisper into Bush's ear in the schoolroom. Everything is there for you, in HD video and audio. Everything.

Imagine watching the very first performance of a Chopin symphony. Imagine watching Van Gogh paint. Imagine watching the pyramids being built.

Imagine that every conversation of every politician and those above them were available online, up until yesterday. What they're doing today, at this moment, they get a free ride from exposure. Tomorrow, it's online for the planet to see. Imagine how their behaviour would change if there were no more secrets anymore. No lies to hide behind. No surprises with stock markets, policy decisions and international interference. No more tricks that put young men into wars. Find out where your tax dollars go.

Imagine how fast the world would change.

Imagine if this were coming true.
 Quoting: Nobody 1197819

I have heard that when the announcements come, everyone will hear them and I wondered how it would happen and the above is probably a good understanding. This fills in some gaps for me.

Another thing, I have heard that in future, there will be nothing but the truth coming out. Wonderful future!!

Thank you OP.
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