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Message Subject The Maitreya is here, what the Illuminati know about the topic.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I understand it more than you believe, but it has nothing to do with a so called Maitreya and will certainly not be thanks to the New-age crap.

Yes it's about love and respect. Love and respect for all diversities. That means even love and respect for all religions because they had a role to play in what's coming.

You could be right about Maitreya. But the New-age stuff..it depends on what you call 'New-age'.

I agree that it will all be about love and respect for all and everything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1198040

New-age is the commercial use of eastern mystical traditions mixed with science-fantasy in a strange but selling mix. Add Aliens/spirits/"powers" and astrology in the mix and you got a summary of all the mysteries of this world packed into one neat scenario ready for selling books, jewelry or seminars.

New-age and theosophy created fake aspirations and unneeded desires about spirituality (densities, channeling -very dangerous!-, powers, etc...) when in fact it should be very simple:

It's all about how you live your life regarding yourself, others and the world you are a part of.

But when you look what New-age produced in this world, it's mostly marketing, sects and end-time cults (it's about a NEW age after all) focusing mainly on the Ego and it's secret desires, and people with delusions of grandeur or downright insanity (indigo, starseeds, channelers, etc)...

That's what I call new-age and all I see about it makes me think it's not as good as it pretends.
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