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Message Subject The Maitreya is here, what the Illuminati know about the topic.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"By their fruit..."

The New-age crowd is strange and intriguing; they dabble with mystical realities, but at the same times love to communicate with "spirits" they know nothing about. They all have their personal views about these subjects and can't speak in a single voice.

New-age is like a new religion: the religion of the Self. While most will tell it's all about Love etc, they usually see themselves as the only ones who know the "Truth" and sometimes even spit on religious people like they are something different (when in fact they both share the same goal: communion with God).

I won't dismiss them completely but I have yet to see what good they bring to this world compared to traditional religions and philosophies.

It seems while the new-ager focus on raising his frequency to survive a coming shift or something like that, other persons (religious or not) with no concerns about such things are spending their life to help others.

Who is the holiest of them 2?
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