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Sasquatch sighting reported in Yukon

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07/19/2005 02:04 AM
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Sasquatch sighting reported in Yukon
Last updated Jul 13 2005 08:30 AM MDT
CBC News
A group of people in the Yukon community of Teslin say they saw a sasquatch or bushman over the weekend, the second reported sighting in the area in about a year.

Nine people, some of them children, say a large human-like figure covered in hair passed by a window of a house. They later saw it standing behind an abandoned car near some houses in the community, which is located 180 kilometres east of Whitehorse.

Chucka Choumant and Trent Smarch are two of the people who believe they saw the sasquatch.

The men said they heard trees snapping and creaking even though there was no wind at the time. The figure they saw was nearly three metres tall and moving fast, they said – too fast for them to keep up even when they were running.

The creature left behind some evidence, the men said: a footprint about twice the size of a humanīs, and a small patch of hair found in the area that has been sent to a conservation officer in Whitehorse.

Those who say they saw the creature would like the sample to undergo DNA testing.

* FROM JUNE 7, 2004: Yukon villagers believe they saw Bigfoot

Tales of sasquatch sightings arenīt new in Teslin. For example, Doug Smarch remembers hearing about a large hairy man coming close to the community about 40 years ago.

"Thereīs old-time stories. They said there were such things," said Smarch.

"I donīt think that nine people that seen it could tell the same story. They wouldnīt be able to tell the same story if it wasnīt true."