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Message Subject I Just Had My MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVED! ~Share Your Mercury Stories~
Poster Handle Follower of YHWH
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I had mercury amalgams since I was very young. I started getting sick around 14-15 years old. By 18, I had a hard time keeping a job, was always sick, dropped out of school (got my diploma through night school), and had no energy all the time. Things slowly got worse until 24 years old, when my mom did some research and found out that she and I had mercury poisoning. We both we down to Orlando (from Jacksonville)for a special whole blood analysis which indeed showed heavy metal poisoning. We found a dentist that performed mercury-free dentistry. Back in '99-2000, it was hard to find, because a dentist could lose his license if he stated that mercury was bad for you. We found one down in Keystone Springs, FL (about an hour south) and proceeded to see him. It took four visits each to finish as he did them in quadrants. Both our mouths were full of mercury, since as many of you know mercury actually CAUSES the calcium to weaken in your teeth and bones. The more mercury fillings you get, the weaker your teeth get (kind of a vicious cycle).

The amazing thing was what happened in the six months to year after removal. I grew a whole inch taller - at 25 years old! I also had to buy one half-size larger shoes. I had much more energy and felt more mentally stable (mercury screws with your brain and has been proven to make you more angry).

See, think of mercury as "looking" like calcium to your body. It tries to stick it anywhere calcium would go - bones calcium receptors in your brain, thyroid, etc. The problem is, once it is there, it does not do the job of calcium. It basically makes whatever it hits into stop working.

Well, jump forward to today. I unfortunately need all new teeth. The mercury had already done its damage and now fillings won't stay in my teeth. They are all literally falling apart. I'm only 35 and I am going to need dentures as soon as I can afford them. I am just glad that dentists have stopped using mercury amalgams now and the next generation will not have to deal with this issue.
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