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Message Subject I Just Had My MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVED! ~Share Your Mercury Stories~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This past week I was suffering with sinus, asthma attacks, feeling lethargic all the time and terrible headaches. My lymph glands were also swollen. I constantly had cold hands & feet, also feel anxious all the time (anxiety attacks). I went for traveling but could not enjoy the trip because of being in constant lethargy and having headaches also thinking that my sinus is acting up..suffering asthma symptoms as well on top of it all.

A simple dentist visit to check my tooth (because of pain) and resulting in amalgam removal. After removal, I immediately feel much better. Headaches gone, lethargy gone. I still have two more amalgams to remove. I will do it in 2 weeks from now.

So far..it's miraculous that :

- my headaches are gone
- no cloggy nose, no sinus
- no lethargy (chronic tiredness)
- no stuffed chest ..asthma symptoms gone
- no gasping for air..
- no anxiety
- no forgetting things, better memory

What a relief! I'm looking forward to completely remove the amalgams.
Mercury is a serious poison. I spent time reading the mercurytalk.com website and found so many similar stories.

I'm glad I made the right decision today. Please share your mercury amalgam removal stories & health improvements here. Looking forward to read about your experiences.

I feel great! 5a smile_kiss
 Quoting: goddess isis

now to complete your godessness, take iodine and selenium(never worry about breast, etc, cancer) and get with a chelation protocol, perhaps owens cilantro pesto (google it) and the andy cutler protocol. the mercury will end up in your brain if you dont.
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