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Message Subject I Just Had My MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVED! ~Share Your Mercury Stories~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I inherited bad teeth and had tons of cavities as a child. I was loaded with about 13 mercury fillings over the course of my childhood.

Now I'm in my mid forties and many of those have fallen out and had to be replaced with porcellin crowns. Now that I know about mercury poisoning, I'm happy those fillings fell out, though I still have about six of them left which I'd like to get removed and replaced with composite.

But I was shocked to discover that the porcellin crowns have a metal base. Now I'm wondering if the metal used in crowns is also the same as the amalgam. If so, it really sucks.

I took a mercury toxicity exam and found out mine could be servere. I'm definately feeling the results in many ways. I have dental insurance, but no medical insurance. But I'm pretty sure dental insurance won't cover replacing your fillings by choice - only if one falls out on its own.

Does anyone know about the metal used in porcellin crowns?
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