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Message Subject I Just Had My MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVED! ~Share Your Mercury Stories~
Poster Handle goddess isis
Post Content
I haven't read all of the replies so maybe someone has said this but,

if you are getting mercury fillings out and replacing with something else you need to do a lot of research to decide what to replace them with.

I haven't had the time to do the research yet but did come across someone saying that replacing them with silver or gold (can't remember which) is worse because it reacts with any mercury left behind and becomes even more toxic

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1204063

My doctor is well informed about mercury because his own sibling got Lupus disease because of these amalgams. So the doctor advised me to use calcium-gypsum fillings which are way more safer, but they don't last as long as Mercury amalgams and the gypsum fillings have to be replaced every 2 years.

I heard the Silver filling is worse because it still contain HIGH concentrations of Mercury. CMIIW
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