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Message Subject I Just Had My MERCURY AMALGAMS REMOVED! ~Share Your Mercury Stories~
Poster Handle Aine
Post Content
I got mine out three years ago. Nobody told me that you can get a pretty severe detox reaction in the year after removal. This is caused by stored mercury getting dumped from organs into the bloodstream. Getting sick because of this detox reaction was my first clue that I was mercury toxic.

I've done two years of detox using the Frequent Dose Chelation protocol described by Andy Cutler in his book Amalgam Illness. I really recommend this book and protocol. You really don't see other writers who actually understand key concepts like how long a chelator lasts in the bloodstream, and what impact that has on where the mercury ends up in your body.

Detox was hard work but I've made a full recovery. Check out my blog, I post about my process and have all kinds of links to other people's stories and the best mercury books. It's so important to do your homework and communicate with actual humans who have gone through this. We all need people further along the path than us who can tell us how to avoid the pitfalls.

[link to mercurystories.com]

Good luck,
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