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Message Subject Selections from the Phoenix Journals.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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From urantian_is_a_dope

Phoenix Journals
PJ #42 " UNHOLY ALLIANCE ", chapter 3 & 4.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN/ATON, transcribed by Christ.
Jun 15, 2010 - 12:02:26 AM

PJ 42



TUE., DEC. 31, 1991 8:44 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 137



As you close this, a segment called "year", I feel it even more important than usual to remind you that I come as a Host, travel guide "back home", tour guide, etc. Perhaps I am simply your "travel agent"! I serve Creator in His purpose to furnish you with Truth and outlay that which is upon you. There are no mystical games or tricks--only "the facts, ma'am/sir". In the abundance of "facts" as the experience "really" is, you will find purpose and direction of your own chosen mission in this experience called "physical life".

I am urging you to consider that which is upon you most carefully and thoughtfully for you have been presented with lies for such a long, long time that you have totally forgotten your intent of this expression and have become "victims" instead of "masters" of your destiny. Mine is not to coerce, force or spoon-feed you, although we have done that service, also, in that you might grow a bit more slowly and not find the distance between the lie and Truth too incredible to fathom. The lessons have been blunt and hard but ye are made of only "strength" and magnificence of perfection so it is only a misperception which causes you to disallow your own ability to change that which is in lie and deceit. You are given mind-force which is ALL and MAN has trained you to escape the use of same. You are co-creator with God of all creation and that same Creator has sent Truth so that you have opportunity to regain that which ye have set to the side in order to believe and clutch only to that physicalness of less than a hundred years duration. I can furnish the alarm clock--I will not furnish more sleeping compounds. You are furnished ALL necessary elements of the "concoction" with which to regain your own leadership and power but it will be YOU who takes the offering and utilizes it in the physical plane of experience. Your enemy, the adversary, who experiences ONLY IN THE PHYSICAL REALM OF MANIFESTATION, has learned the secret of the ages and has used it for his own ends which leave the masses of mankind into his enslavement and has brought the planet unto destruction.

How you finish your "journey" through the physical experience is none of my business.

My mission is to bring the WORD OF TRUTH as commanded by God, remind you of your laws of Truth in experience whereby you can build or regain balance and harmony within experience, make sure a remnant of Creator's "servants" survive well intact and bring HIS CHILDREN HOME! We of the Hosts have very viable physical facilities with which to accomplish that task but that is MY task; yours is to prepare selves and gain the KNOWLEDGE necessary for that journey or ye shall not be gathered up--that appears quite simple to me as far as directions are concerned. If you are reading this much of this printing then you are most capable of reading ALL provided for your needs.

As you move toward what you call "Armageddon" or "Apocalypse" you have the choice of learning and using TRUTH or continuing in the bindings of the lies at the hands of total evil--God will allow either decision to be fulfilled. If you wish destruction you will continue the feasting on the lies and deteriorate into destruction--or, you can pick up your sword of Truth and change the direction of the march. It will be left solely into your hands as to which YOU shall do.


Yes, as easy as "changing your mind". Evil threatens and badgers but you have to allow his "use" of you. If you desire change then you will rise to the quality which CREATES that change and settles for nothing lesser. If you feel whipped and incapable then I suggest you will continue to be whipped, tortured, and brought into slavery in such manner that physical endurance will be no more than horror of manifested misery.

You have been presented the most heinous lies of all--and THAT consists of the lies of your progression and what and how you experience your Godness and infinite journey of soul. Mark my words, little sleepy-children, there WILL BE NO RAPTURE TO CLOUDS OF FLUFFY RECLAMATION FROM ALL DASTARDLY DOINGS--GOD DOES NOT GO PREPARE FOR PHYSICAL BEINGS IN SECURITY AND THEN PLUCK YOU UPON FLUFFY, AND PROBABLY RADIOACTIVE, CLOUDS. HOW DO YOU INTEND TO KEEP FROM FALLING THROUGH THOSE CLOUDS? HOW DO YOU INTEND TO GET OFF THOSE CLOUDS AND TO WHERE?

You are told to simply believe on the blood of a murdered man of some 2000 years past and all is hunky-dory! No, YOU MURDERED HIM. He came forth to tell you TRUTH and about your infinity of existence and you have fed upon lies for generations until the Truth has been all but wiped from your history books. When new books are found, they are turned over to the "experts" and still denied unto your eyes and ears until such time as they are CHANGED to read exactly according to the lies.

How many will find Truth and the "way"? Enough. These JOURNALS and papers are destroyed, burned, used for threats and kept from you at every possible turn--but enough make it through to serve the needs of God.

Well, you might inquire as to what happens if the planet turns into total evil (which is very, very nearly perfected)? Simple--God's people will be picked up into safety (raptured, if you like) but only those who bring only the intent of living in balance among balanced civilizations and within the laws of God and The Creation. The rest will be left to their experience for as long as there is place to experience.

You might add that evil is conjured of man and does not really exist. Wrong--the Devil or "Satanic" monsters are conjured by man--EVIL IS the experience of that energy which is NOT OF GOD. (Candace: Evil is "Live" spelled backwards. God is LIFE.)

So, then comes the argument that "What difference does it make then? I just want to continue in my physical place as long as possible and THEN I will decide." No, you will not "continue as is". When God cleans HIS house His people will be brought into security and as the final curtain is at hand HE WILL WITHDRAW FROM THE PLACE AS YOU RECOGNIZE IT TO BE. You have wondered and pondered upon "Hell"--you will have it without benefit of God's presence in any form within the MANKIND left--you will find yourselves in a place devoid of God and of Light. When God withdraws His gifts of Creation--there will only be the infinite presence of EVIL.


There will be a time of sorting and God has many mansions and placements for the ones who attempt to journey in even semi-truth. But those who continue to deliberately refuse to experience Truth and deny it continually while resting on the potential "maybe" of the physical plane, you will perish for you will be in denying your resources as sent and await that which will never come. You have been told the way into wholeness and you will be left to your own wonderings and wanderings in searching if you continue to refuse to see with the gifted eyes and stuff plugs into your ears in preference for that which you WANT TO SEE AND HEAR. If an atomic bomb has been exploded over your head and all you see is fragmented frozen bits of atmosphere in a mighty whirlwind--does the bomb become a snow-blizzard? No, it is a nuclear bomb and it will burn you to death, quite probably damaging your soul energy essence in the bargain--for there are only a couple of ways to destroy "infinitely", the soul--nuclear devastation is one of them.

It is not physically weird or mystical; it is indeed according to the very laws of physics. Frequencies are set into motion which disperses the energy form and continues that frequency for incredible periods of "perceived time" so that the coalescing of the energy "DNA form" cannot be reattached easily. This is basically a method of "uncreating" soul essence. It is sophisticated in scope and a great mystery as to actions--but it is neither magic nor mystical in presentment.


You listen to your "speakers" and self-professed preachers and tellers of fortunes and I hear your tauntings of "prove it to ME". I have absolutely NOTHING TO PROVE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. You may believe anything you so choose and in training your children you will bear the burden of their loss, also, for they are placed into your care and you have shunned your responsibilities. You have children who will kill for "colors" without any thought to consequence or desire for life in any form at all--you have done it in the generations before and some of these very souls are gifted with the opportunity to again experience in the physical format so that you would have another "chance" to reclaim soul and the majority have failed, again, that priceless chance of self-salvation off the Hell of negative experience. You have failed them and you have abundantly failed self.

Now for a big "OOPS"! You who continue to perpetuate and condone actions which are without the laws of God and against the laws of The Creation are as guilty as those who actively participate for within your hearts you are also a participant in the evil experience. Does this mean you have no compassion for those who do not know or choose deviation from the Laws? No, it means you never lose sight of the Truth of right and wrong FOR THERE WILL BE NO DEVIATIONS FROM THE BAL­ANCED PRACTICES IN THE HIGHER REALMS OF EXPERIENCE--PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES ARE BOUNDED INTO THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE. There are myriads of in-between places for learning if your desire is on the path to that knowledge of perfection--if the intent is to none of the Truths of God then you shall be left to your experience in your so-called Hell and endless searching in a place without peace or understanding.

The physical experience is provided for the learning in reason and logic which matures a soul. In the etheric expression there is no opportunity to practice those Truths in manifest form and that represents a place which might well be called limbo--without comprehension.



What you perceive and what you HAVE are two greatly varying things. You have myriads of beings who are basically "soul-less", already devoid of God because they are not created nor contained by God--they are manufactured by Man and are the products of pre-manufactured MAN devoid of Godness. God Creates from Light into Light and at the time of a massive closing cycle upon any physical plane of experience--most of the beings present are NOT OF GOD! This is heavier testing and measuring (judging, if you will) of the men of God as to placement in the places of Creation. (Candace: we have taught this, these are robotoids. They are manufactured underground, the originals,and these reproduce more of the same by normal reproduction on the surface. the world is overflowing with them, and they see nothing of the future, or their affects on the planet. they have NO sense of true self. they copy everything, they are not born knowing how to be human.)


That is strictly up to you but if you can look at the performance of a
MAN against the laws you know within and find him wanting--I suggest something is amiss beyond simple "forgiveness" of the erring one. Forgiveness is for you to experience--not thrust upon another to allow his misbehavior.

Why should you believe me? I can only offer that you will find no lies in that which I send forth--note I said "send" forth. The returning "Master" God is NOT IN PHYSICAL FORM ON YOUR PLACE and neither am I of the Hosts. By the way--you will not be able to tell the difference in case you suggest that you only believe Aton (God) and not Hatonn! My wings are identical. (Bolding by candace: And Aton is also called Christ Michael, from the Urantia Book terminology. )

We have prepared a place for each and every one of you according to the promise--whether you accept the invitation is your business and, although we will miss your beloved presence, we shall not be offended by your childishness. But our "forgiveness" of your actions will not ease your journey--only our own! Ponder it.


Are YOU not human? What have ye in greater knowledge that allows you to hear and see in massive measure that which is NOT human? Is it so unlikely that a Creator who has ALL KNOWLEDGE AND ALL POWER would not create that which is necessary to present the WORD unto you who ARE HUMAN? Does it, further, seem more likely that HE would utilize Jimmy Swaggart's or George Bush's "secretary" to print the words for your consumption? They have already given you piles upon piles, eons upon eons of lies--WHY WOULD GOD GIVE YOU TRUTH THROUGH THE PATHS WHICH ARE ALREADY SOLELY OF THE "LIE"? This very approach and denial is exactly that which the adversary depends upon as your response! My people brought forth for this purpose are given unto their task and mission according to their "job". It is their business to fulfill their job and what you do with the information is, again, your business to take or leave.

I can promise you, however, that you who find the word of Truth and then simply "choose" to deny it and/or teach against the physical presenters--err greatly for THERE IS NO REMOVAL OF TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE ONCE PRESENTED. IN OTHER WORDS, ONCE YOU "KNOW" YOU CANNOT AGAIN "UNKNOW" NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO ERASE THE FACT OF IT. Often in the effort to bury Truth the one with the shovel compounds his own errors into the very loss of his own "salvation" and is buried by his own misfortune.

You are either "with God" or "against God"--there is no wishy-washy in-between. If you have forgotten who IS God then I suggest you be careful who and how you pull another into your ignorance for you do stand responsible for that which you deliberately act out against another if the other be truly ignorant. Usually, the other only pretends to be ignorant in hopes the "blame" will fall upon another rather than self--THAT DOESN'T SELL TO GOD, EITHER!

We shall speak on these matters more frequently in the coming lessons for it is abundantly necessary; however, most are offended that we take time from "the news" to write of mere soul and eternal life than what is going on at Edwards Air Force Base. It is simply the way of an awakening world and the frantic search for confirmation of Truth against the hidden lies kept from you.


I make the above statement because I have a lot of readers of early JOURNALS in total shock regarding the truth of the "Stone" film on Kennedy--right to the fact that Jackie climbed out on the trunk of the car--not to escape, but to retrieve a portion of John's skull with brains attached. She knew it was pure murder and by whom. Yes, the movie is correct and accurate in most areas of discernment, especially the actual murder itself. However, there is still a major portion left out of the scenario of "reason why". This will be representative of great wisdom for you who would run for President this year and plan to wipe out the money minting system and the Federal Reserve.

The final play which set Kennedy's death into cement was the fad that he saw the destruction of the nation at hand. He fully intended to take control and bring currency printing back into the hands of the government according to the Constitution, starting with some excess of about $4 billion. Then he would be shutting down the creeping cancer of the Federal Reserve, which is the poison of freedom in America. Not the poison-just the administrator of that poison.

Did Johnson know? Yes indeed. He was not, however, THE mastermind behind the plan--he simply hated Kennedy and aimed for the power of the "throne" for more dastardly deeds. Your Mr. Bush, however, was extremely involved through the CIA and his role has simply grown ever more powerful in capability of destruction of your nation and thus, the world.

Robert Kennedy realized the plan was thwarted and thus pursued diligently his own Presidency because he made a commitment to finish what John had started--the SAME PLAN. It is all entangled with international intrigue, CIA, Mossad, Soviet Zionism and, plain and simply, the Mafia and criminal underworld who still controls it all. The CIA is only the enforcing and intelligence wing of the Mafia as a simple explanation. This is why you can be sure the "anti-Christ" will come out of the general area of the Vatican/Italy wherein is the seat of the Mafia organization and originators of Freemasonry as originally practiced.

I do not lay these things on you out of some magical hat or fortune-telling cards--I give you blow-by-blow in proof and research if you but take time to check it out.

I am accused of fear-mongering, doom and gloom. Dear ones, if you can look around your world and at your own livelihood stability nationally and personally (without even looking beyond the moment) and do not feel a bit of apprehension--then I fear you are already DEAD. Do you actually believe as this is all brought forth and proven to even YOUR satisfaction that it will change an iota of the facts by your saying: "I just couldn't bring myself to believe such things"? I seriously doubt it!


This is only interesting for ones in the general Western area of the U.S. but I have mentioned it and now I am barraged with inquiries. It makes no difference, chelas, if you are "prepared" you are fine--if not, all the "knowing" about hidden agendas will do nothing for you.

However, it can be noted herein that you have now, in joint venture with your new Soviet Freedom-Order, established a working, full-alert coalition with your enemy with a large base capable of total national control of your populace through beam pulse systems. You have installed a fully operational "Woodpecker-Wormwood" system of "Frequency" beams which can project everything from flu and cold infections to total mind control of the populations with directed violence in mob reaction and total debilitation of the populations through depression and loss of functional ability.

Your President left this day for Australia to insure the installation on Australia as well and they plan to check out both the systems and the "survival" facilities which are now functional in Australia and of which we wrote months and months past.

The placement is arranged for security for when these massive beam systems are "fired up" for testing and network function--the odds are less than 50-50 that the surface of earth will survive. I can only suggest you ones keep your dark goggles handy for I am not going to speak more and more on possibilities of this or another, moment. You will either be prepared or you will not.

I will, however, go over some reminders of preparations for you are going to have to function for as long as possible in "emergency" status IF you are allowed to function at all. This is a VERY BIG YEAR for the Plan 2000 taking of the world and I can only remind you that perfection and retention of assets is highly unlikely in all instances--but it need not be devastating if you take care. In the light of God's shielding, you are as safe as a bug in a cocoon in a nice wool rug. If you choose not to utilize the shelter God gifts unto you-'tis your own choice and we wish you well.

The Planners never again plan for any type of "free" world and as I see it coming down--THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE FREEDOM OR LIFE AS YOU HAVE KNOWN IT. The point is to pull it off in natural sequence of events so that you do not even recognize that you have been "had" but rather caught in a situation of "we did all we could to save you".

Then is it too late? It is never too late if you assume the power given unto you through God--but you surely do need to begin in harder effort than at present. If you still cannot read that handwriting on your walls and simply think it graffiti from the underprivileged juveniles, then I'd suspect you are in serious danger of non-recovery. If you WANT to change your plight and will act accordingly--you will witness miracles beyond your imaginings--BUT YOU WILL DO IT!

Now, for you who are pretending as if you never heard of such things and are in a state of shock in the immediate area--KNOCK IT OFF! You have known step by step by agonizing step and allowed our own ships and workers to be literally fired upon with guns and other weapons--stop your infantile reactions and start reasoning with your gifted minds.

Why would you remain in such a dangerous place? Because of its focus, it is not dangerous, is it? You think about it. If you are in the hub of the activity then you are not likely to be at the end target of the beams, are you? Further, we have no bone to pick with the adversary as you ones envision "war" and "bone picking". We have no intent to interfere nor to open any affront to the physical wellbeing of the adversary through physical weaponry and/or overthrow of a government--good or bad. We are going to bring the word of Truth and God and so be it. The adversary knows his limitations as regards our people and yes, he can make it damned miserable for you--according to how much you choose to tolerate. If you choose to tolerate none of his games, then he cannot touch you without going right through good old Hatonn. He is wise enough not to try that one, at least not a second time! If you go forth and break the laws then you shall most likely get hurt very badly and probably killed in the process.


What about your "things"? The enemy in your presence plans that you not have any "things". He doesn't, however, care if you have some "things" if you don't give him trouble. Yours is not to go to "war" for "war", killing and, etc., is NOT of God. You, if you are in service unto God and God's community, will act accordingly. As long as the masses stay asleep there is no bother from the TRUTH and he will even help you with your projects because he needs to "look good" all the while he is killing you. You see, an amazing thing happens to physically inspired power-brokers. It never occurs to them that they will be stopped. Oh, they know that "in the end" God wins--but to them who have written the play for you to follow--they perceive that "god" to be "theirs".

God of Light and Creation has already "won"; you are serving out a mission of telling Truth for the generations which might come to be in the experiences to come. Yours is to prepare a way "through", a remnant, to remind of the Law and move on into the Radiance of wondrous and magnificent creations beyond this measure of tiny experience.

I remind you of something you must seriously attend in attention. It will not be the "enemy" of Satan you need fear, chelas--it is your neighbors and so-called Christians who claim to be friends and children of Light. They are the evil counterfeits who will hurt you and steal and slay--not your "adversary" as such. It will be up to you as to whether or not you can hold to Truth or fall into the pits with the vipers. You sit in the hollow of God's hands so if you jump into the fire it is of your own doing.


I have written and re-written regarding measures you might pursue. I cannot do it for you and if you are now starting without job or place of housing--it becomes ever constantly more difficult to do anything at all.

My people have a job at hand to do and prepare. They may not set aside their job to attend your needs so do not expect such. Oh, I hear you, "I don't expect that"--but you do for you then say, "but God will tend me as the birds of the fields and dress me as the lily"-so--why come to these people? God gives unto each His measure and it contains ALL. We have three pending law-suits against us from ones who said the same as you--only to explore, exploit and then blame my people and myself for their lack of increase and wisdom.

I can give you ways to buffer your losses and hold to some assets--perhaps even prosper. If you choose not to use them, so be it for I care not what you do with your "things". I have no need of your "things" but your brethren, and you, certainly do! Further, if you remain "chained" to your "things", there is no way in the physical world that you can lift off that physical compression. The physical "wealth" is for use in the physical expression where it has value for the body cannot either eat or feed the mind with those "things". It is the use of wealth that gives it value for there is no value in a pile of gold which "sits" in the pockets as the chains of bondage. The day will come--and I promise you without equivocation--there will come the day, if you hold assets, that you wish to your dying moment that you had shared them in the building of survival shelters and food storage. It is now at hand and you who hold to the dream of profit and fantasy--are at the threshold of seeing the bubble pricked and your foolishness poured forth upon your unwary heads.

Dharma, we have written long this morning and I am about to move into this subject more deeply regarding reminders of actions. I ask that, since we have a meeting we close this segment and we will take up more physical matters in the next sequence.

I ask that you bear with me, scribe, for it has been a most horrendous period of time for you and for my workers in the planning and interruptions of plans as we must adjust to course. Nothing is changed--only approach in intelligent wisdom.

Some of the avenues open prior to this are hardening up with new rules and regulations but we can look at them closely and still find openings for utilization of some measure of safety and projected possibilities.

Note your "markets" and note that not only are there volatile gains and losses but the remarkable stupidity of the clues in their openness. Note that on the yesterday with the magnificent "gains", the top "gainers" are the defunct industrials such as General Motors, etc. This is your proof of the shoring up through total falsehood and know that the sword is ready to fall on "call". Remember the markets are planned to reach at least 3500 points and gold to go well over a $1,000 per ounce or more. Their system is not ready nor convenient for total collapse and, if they can pull off that total collapse without you realizing it, all the better for their purposes. YOU ARE IN THE TRAP, WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE NOW DE­PENDS ON YOUR RESPONSE TO THE TRAP. YOU CAN EXTRICATE SELF OR FLAIL YOURSELF TO DEATH WITHIN--IT IS UP TO YOU. SALU.

Dharma, please tell George that it is time and I shall be pleased to sit with him on the radio interview this coming Sunday evening. It is time to put the stupid UFO mystics into their evil place of misinformation. I am not come for hype nor excitement--I am simply come as your "way home". So be it.

You still wish to continue to think of this as "just another portion of the game" and "I'll reap reward without insecurity." Not in MY property! If you play through and by the rules of evil then so shall you be left to those resources.

Hatonn to stand-by.

PJ 42



WED, JANUARY 1, 1992 4:33 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 138



Hatonn present in the Holy Service of God in and of Light. Let us collect our fragments and still the currents of confusion. You will please keep ever present in your minds the impacts of these new year moments. This is to be a year of most unexpected changes which will boggle the minds if you allow it. The adversary plans great changes to come about in these months at hand.

It is time to write of things which will be compared by every "crazy nut" to that which is already being filtered down into your consciousness by the misinformation and disinformation bearers. You are now such a controlled society of people that the differences will elude the multitudes and you shall be given into the perceptions of insanity from time to time. I must write in TRUTH so that as things unfold in the confusion of the Planners' timing you will not be either surprised nor impacted by the blatant size of the lies. Always realize that somewhere in the middle of the extremes of projections will be found the truth of the tales which are now going to be loosed upon you. We will speak in specifics in some instances but I will use generalities in explanation to cover much up-front which will later be spoken of more leisurely.

What I have to tell you is already breaking forth from the more "wild" of the UFO community of deceivers but, you see, the only thing wrong with their conclusions lies in the awsumptions of "alien" beings instead of manufactured earth-bound beings. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT facet in the wrong conclusions but, nonetheless, it is time to speak of these "incredible" circumstances before the news hits the headlines.

The point of actions from here on in will be to panic and paralyze you citizens with the sheer magnitude of the technology present upon your place. The adversary has been working toward his goal of world domination by year 2000 for thousands upon thousands of years and you are now within the final decade of the entrapment so you are going to be shocked and terrified by that which will come into your knowledge.

I have gained a reputation of doom and gloom--fear mongering and even being Satanic. No, none of those things but what I will outlay to you "ordinary" unknowing people will be mind-boggling and beyond science fiction of any kind shown to you prior to now.


The ultimate punch-line to the adversary's plan is to align the masses into unity through assumption of an outer-space alien threat to the planet. No, I repeat--you have no enemies in space--they are all land-locked and the plan so well laid and orchestrated that the presentations unto you will cause you to believe that which they will tell you. I must tell you the truth prior to the "pranks" because only in that advance warning will you be prepared. ALWAYS as things unfold--look unto the PHYSICAL ASPECT. GOD is a SPIRITUAL influence and condition and thus, that which is manufactured and manifest in the physical and breaks ANY BIT OF EVEN ONE LAW OF GOD IF PRESENTED FROM THE COSMOS, IS NOT OF GOD BUT SERVES THE ADVERSARY--and you are in for some real doozies right away now.

You will continually harken back to the writing of yesterday as we write during these coming days because you MUST know of the separation and sorting and if you are still playing games with God, I suggest it is now time to stop it. GOD is not a groveling wimp who will allow you to go into infinity with such stupid ideas and actions as you have been told. HE WILL ALLOW NO EVIL ACTIONS OR INTENT WITHIN HIS HOLY PLACES! That means that it will be only through honorable service and intent that you will make that journey WITH God. You may get interim placement but you had best look most carefully at intent because the days shorten into a very precious few. Each day will be a gift of gifts.

The intent was to pull off a planetary testing of the massive Woodpecker/Wormwood pulse system now fully connected. If those tests go wrong you will have an ignited radioactive belt about the planet. The assumption is that at worst it will keep the Hosts from entering your space. It will NOT do so. However, your Elite controllers now have finished and interconnected underground survival centers worldwide and connected by channels with such advanced technology that hundreds of years can be spent comfortably in shelter while the surface recovers--if necessary. This will be utilized above or below sea level. It is only you-the-people that have no shelters and will not survive. You still have time for action because a few things are not complete and final function of the "system" will be more perfected if the "Plan" is more fully complete than on this day. How­ever, as of day one of January, 1992 the system is linked and the Elite ARE IN CONTROL. That does not mean America, chelas.

What you DO have this day is a breakdown, however, of the Soviet break-aways and the Zionist elements. The break-away nations and the fundamental elements of the Russian coalition will not tolerate either Yeltsin or the Zionists, even if a full-scale nuclear war must be had immediately. When Shevardnadze says you should be worried mightily about those nuclear weapons in the "wrong" hands--he speaks much too softly--they are poised and ready to fire. But that is not the subject of this evening's writing.


It is time I confirm and explain the presence of massive underground systems throughout your globe--which are very "human" oriented and occupied.

You will be told that these installations are headed and run as a hostage situation--by aliens. Reptilians and Little Grays. BS! Are there Reptilians and Little Grays present? Indeed! There are massive numbers of them--all cloned, replicated and terrifying. You will further be told that they hold your government hostage. More and deeper heaps of lies--they are produced by the good-will dedication and greedy money grubbing governments at the control of the Elite Committee of 300 who operate out of Switzerland and headed by the Royal Crown of England. These are the Satanic British Zionists originally known as the Serpent People. This is exactly why the Reptilians will be presented to you as the ones in control. The Serpent is the symbol of Satan and these ones have never even bothered to lie to you about their label.


Sit quietly for a minute and consider numbers with me, for as these underground facilities are coming to finished status there are a lot of suddenly available unemployed. You are showing increased numbers of unemployed NEW sign-ups of half a million a week. You are talking now of millions out of work--from where? Yes, from all over, but WHY?

How many people, say, in the area of Lancaster/Palmdale, California, might you personally know who work in the aerospace industry wherein groups work on items which are isolated and secret with penalty of death as reward for tattling? Almost all is done on "need to know" basis and ones are going to realize they have been working on projects which were so unworldly as to shock Spielberg. Worse than what appears on the surface, they are subjected to mandatory testings, physicals, etc., where they are totally programmed "to forget" what they have seen and heard.

I am going to name some names and places (locations) so that you can check them out as to authenticity and then you will find it easier to accept truth as it is unfolded to you.

We will start in the local area of Southern California in the Edwards Air Force Base area extending in a large triangular shape which includes all the way to Pasadena, Long Beach, Palmdale, Lancaster, Tehachapi, Mojave, Edwards and China Lake--just for starters.

We have spoken often already about the areas of "51", "72", Dulce, etc., in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona so we will leave it to suffice that duplication is present in those places as well. Ones who have had the "privilege" of tourist rides into Yucca Mountain to check out the tunnels for planned nuclear waste sites will not be as shocked as the rest of you unsuspecting ones. At Yucca Mountain alone there are over 35 major tunnels which totally catacomb the mountain at all levels as deep as several miles. There is only one tunnel open for public eyes and it is impressive enough to stun the eyes and minds of hardened engineers.

In the Palmdale area beneath a "hanger" type building, which actually is movable on tracks, is a multilayer technology center over eight levels in depth and the size of a massive city. The workers are mostly manufactured robotoids and synthetics made for labor with computer intelligence. Human participants are of the "Ultra top-secret clearance" personnel.

At Edwards launch area in a bluff (butte) called Haystack, there is an even larger installation underground with incredible beam pulse systems, aircraft launchers, stealth equipment in coalition with the Soviet Cosmosphere program with total capability of destroying the planet in some 15 minutes.

Locked into that installation is a massive underground facility near Tehachapi called The Anthill (Northrup). There are open silos wherein light laser systems are tested and cosmos-drones sent out like marching armies to probe electronically. They are like little basketballs of light running usually to blue and sometimes golden/orange. (not "ball lightening" folks-C)

These particular installations are carved out with digging equipment which melts the mind as to possibilities as nothing stops them--not rock nor metal. They are drills tipped with diamond bits and carve a 40 ft. tunnel in mere hours. Interconnecting these installations are high-speed transit rails with "trains" which "fly" on an electromagnetic system off the ground at incredible speed. There has been a lot of "blasting", also, but covered by the stories of aircraft moving through the sound barrier and after a while it simply became that no-one paid any attention.


I don't even like to speak much of the Reptilians because they are dramatically for fear effect. Some are simply beings with leathered type of covering for protection purposes and are no more than humans in costume. The Little Grays fit into a different type of category and if not selectively handled get completely out of control. These are both comprised of manufactured (soul-less) beings without compassion or feelings of any type. They are very "strong" physically and the "Grays" can literally infiltrate into the substance around them, i.e., they can "float" or disperse through a wall or door, etc.

There is a third type of replicated being made in the form of that which is presented to you on television as an "Orange". These are computer-bright but basically clone laborers. These are very human in appearance but too synthetic to fit in with your citizenry.


I hope you are beginning to get the picture, chelas. These are the adversaries OF GOD and of we, the Hosts. They neither have the technology to traverse the cosmos nor are they even allowed into the space beyond the Earth orbiting system at best.

These ones are led and controlled by the entities who would Rule the Earth and they are the reflection of hybrid, emotionless beings who serve the World Order "Elite". They are basically Satanic tools and act on direct orders of the controllers.


We don't speak of "Gods" as such, but the idea fits. It is the time of sorting and separation of the participants (players) on the physical orb called Shan (Earth). It is the time of retrieval of God's children who are experiencing on the place for all sorts of varying reasons in soul-growth progression. Evil intends to rule the globe and all things thereon. But, he has already destroyed the bountiful wonders of the globe and it cannot continue as is. Therefore, the plan is to take control through whatever means available--preferably leaving a remnant of Godly slave laborers and annihilation of other souled beings. This will be accomplished in two ways.

1. He will simply convince the souled being that God is not who and what He claims to be. Those unthinking masses will simply be led down the "primrose" paths through the mire of lies and disbeliefs of truth. These, for the most part, will be called Christians (by any other label). These ones will be side-tracked into a belief system which revolves around the human physical being of, say, a Jesus Christ or Buddha, as adequate examples. They will set their intent upon denying and "proving" the non-presence of God, Hosts, Goodly Aliens, etc.--anything of the Spiritual realms of Light. Their whole intent will claim infinite experience but will be entrapped in total physical and material matter. (Candace, this is VERY Evident on various forums I have visited around the net and with people around me personally.)

2. He will simply enslave physically those who stand against him and as ones are no longer useful, they will be slain and/or used for testing, etc. Disease will wipe out multitudes and then wars will annihilate millions, famine and exposure will get more and in the interim, all dissenters will be interned in compounds if they are thought to be dangerous to "the cause".

Ones who go about their business without great confrontation will be basically left alone if they are in areas wherein they are no bother.


There is full understanding between the higher "commands". Our people are not to be harmed. This does not mean that ALL know this even though ones who attempt bodily harm are usually taken out a.s.a.p. by their own group. The adversary will not risk encounter with my Command. God's people are "off limits". I suggest you be making very, very sure as to whether or not you are one of God's people. Don't ask ME! If you don't know then you better get awfully worried.

Does this mean that God's people will not be caught in anything nasty or negative? No, many of you will perish and no place, as such, is safer than any other. I can assure you that you will have colds and flu, get cold and get hot, hungry and tired just like everyone and anyone else. You WILL be allowed to fulfill your mission whatever it might entail and you WILL BE RECLAIMED AND BROUGHT INTO SAFETY AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME.

There is time left for action in almost unlimited manner if you utilize that time well. Things are not in order to the point of desirability on the part of the Planners so you will simply work within that circumstance in which you find self. There are still some methods of assisting selves with security in ability to barter, etc., if you use intelligence. Violence will simply get all of our workers killed and it will not be tolerated--if I have to tell you that point then you are going to harm more than serve good. You will be sly as the serpent and gentle as the dove--dead martyrs serve no one. Your job is not to fight the war--yours is to bring Truth, put it to press, assist wherein you can by example without force or undue nagging for each will have to know for self. We must have a "remnant" and that means that you of my command will not act in foolishness or you will be put to the side lest you endanger the entire lift-off program. You will be given to know your task when appropriate and he who acts in greed will be put to last. Know that we can beam you up into safety from Mars if need be. I can get you aboard the Phoenix, for instance, which is far outside your orbiting place.


There are massive bases in Canada but some of the more important strategic centers are, of course, around (under) Atlanta and Arkansas. In some of those areas there were already an underground "alien" race and massive tunneling complex. There are also ancient tunnels under Tehachapi, for instance. The military has now tunneled right to the side of the crystal in Tehachapi and we have now blocked their entry into that portion of their system. Only a tiny portion of the crystal in point is allowed the use of Earthians.


Other bad news includes a slow and deliberate addition of herbicides into the water systems of your cities. Most is by accidental seepage from growing fields at very low levels of toxicity but now covering massive areas. As water supplies dwindle in the areas stricken by drought there will be more and more actual toxic response to that pollution. There will also be virus infection via water systems whereby whole villages and sections of cities will become ill within hours--simultaneously.

The cover-up is massive and "leakers" or "speakers" are dealt with instantly by either absolute negation of "law" or injection or by death--mostly the latter depending on the importance of the "squealer". You have ones in the local group who are targets who managed to survive all three types of assault. I will tell you now, it is very difficult to kill one of my people. Usually the journey to this side is vaguely remembered and almost always the trip itself is recalled and known at the time and again remembered at some time later.


No indeed. I am simply telling you that you must be ready for that next assault on your beings as we have described it in the past. Remember, I told you that before you are through, the enemy will blame all things on aliens to prevent any of you being reclaimed by God--THE BATTLE IS FOR YOUR SOULS--ONE DIRECTION GIVES TOTAL FREEDOM AND THE OTHER ENSLAVEMENT AND YOU MUST DECIDE WHICH YOU WILL EXPERIENCE. How many will see through the facade of the physical illusion and into the co-creatorship which produced that illusion? When you understand God then you will also understand that it only requires YOUR decision. It is up to YOU to choose the gold or the gold-cov­ered lead! Both appear the same and often the lead covered in gold appears the more shiny and desirable to the fleshly experience. The lead actually has more value in the higher experiences.

A guide to "clues" is also available to you who will mentally take a look. The protocols and instructions are in place. Bridges, passes and area dams are now bombed (mined) and tracking stations already in place--to keep ones in the area wherein you ARE when the curtain falls. This means a shut-down of all international travel, and interstate travel as well, as time passes. The point is to actually lock you into a small area of location and one in which you can be easily controlled and accounted for. Note the closure of one airline after another and note how many of those airline planes are at Mojave! As surface travel is shut down those parts will be utilized for other types of vehicles and weapons.

The plan, of course, is to allow things to appear natural in their occurrence--i.e., the markets will fall and you will be in a depression but always with the prattling that "it is getting better"--"just a fluctuation". You will be like the Russians--into disaster without realizing it happened to you. In your confusion you will get deeper and deeper into the pit until the trap is closed. Then the government will simply pull out all resources (welfare) and it will appear most spontaneous because, after all, a government without money cannot maintain anything. The ignorant will remain ignorant and in denial until it is over and some will never know differently, much less admit that what we gave forth was right and correct.

Will you go down without revolution? Probably not, but the bigger gun usually wins, especially if he has trained himself to be more clever. You, dear ones, have been uneducated and many of your so-called educated adults can neither read nor write.


Indeed I did and you can expect eruption in the Middle East momentarily because the Zionist impact is into the areas of the breakaway Republics and the military Soviet machine is efforting right now to squelch any anti-military control. The military machine is on the march and it will prevail. It has been carefully orchestrated to get nuclear capability into the hands of all the little antagonistic nations to specifically allow for war. Oh indeed, if there remains a world of nations, there WILL BE AN ARMAGEDDON. I remind you--the plans are finished, for all practical purposes, to totally leave the surface of the planet to destruction while Satan and his henchmen move into those worm-holes underneath to "ride out" the storms.

In all of the installations are men, women and children synthesized and ready for reproduction at such time as viable life forms can be reintroduced.

You of the remnant of God's people are for the purpose of making sure all of God's people are aboard and into security when departure time is at hand.

Yes indeed, I am talking about the total departure and separation of God from the planet leaving the evil manufactured entities to their destructive and depleting cycles.

Some who are left and made poor choices on the wrong assumptions will be allowed growth at separation from the physical as soul separates from physical life-form but this will only last through a couple of generation cycles at most. However, the truth will be made obvious and there will be opportunity to again stand in the place of God. It will, however, be only briefly and then, finally, the planet will be left to cleanse and recover as life forms are simply cycled away as living conditions become too hostile for all life forms.


Yes I did and do! But will you? You don't even have many who even believe what I just wrote to you. "Oh," you will say, "...that is just stupid but unreal science fiction." Yes, that is what they assume you will say and how you will react to Truth. How comfortable are you this moment? How stable is the economy? How stable are the jobs? How healthy is your society physically, emotionally and spiritually? HOW do you believe it can RECOVER? Where have all your industries gone? Well, brothers, most of them have literally gone underground--where they don't need YOU any longer. The Plan is to bring the population of this planet down again to 500 million people and no more--that means some 6 billion people will be killed--one way or another. That also means that a lot of God's REAL children, with proper intent of Godness, will be watching from a nice safe distance in order to begin and establish a working system within Radiance.

As I remind Dharma of the experience of total treasure when the very hand of God brought you out of the void of mist--so shall that hand lift you into eternal radiance--IF YOU HOLD UNTO THAT LIGHT OF TRUTH FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND FOR THESE THINGS TO COME FORTH UPON AND UNTO MAN OF EARTH PLACE.



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