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Message Subject Selections from the Phoenix Journals.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Believe me, chelas, Space Cadets have NOTHING to do with this story. Forget hot-rod silver streaks and magic ascension chariots. Do you not SEE that if you are not RIGHT with GOD--you are doomed? If not this month, then next year or the next or the next? There is no magic elixir, no invisibility powder, no hocus-pocus, no hey-diddle-diddling, YOU ARE GOING TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD OR YOU ARE NOT GO­ING TO MAKE IT.

Yes it is doomy and gloomy--just as bad as the masses wish to make it. But within every dark room there can be the candle which lights the way--for in the same scenario is the other plot unfolding-for there is ALSO GLORY IN THE UNFOLDING-BUT IT WILL BE WITH GOD--NO OTHER!

But is this an awful journey? YES! It IS absolutely terrifying and MOST who are experiencing here will ONLY KNOW THE TERROR--few will express the GLORY. Are you not glad that you have input and CAN KNOW--and can be given into the expression of the GLORY? Is the passage not now becoming worthy of the labors and awakening?


I have another bit of bad news for you who stole and thieved the very culture from your Red brother in this wondrous nation once free and HIS. You put him off on reservations and places unworthy of man or beast. Guess what, spoiled little greed-mongers: HE WILL SURVIVE AND THOSE PLACES ARE DESTINED TO RISE ABOVE ALL THINGS THRUST UPON THEM--AND HE SHALL WATCH FROM HIS MOUNTAINS AND ACROSS THE PLAINS AS "HIS" NATION IS CLEANSED.

And, as those times fall upon the lands--so will those brothers and sisters and children of God, again bring forth the Oral Tradition Truths and, if you remaining ones are "nice". THEY MAY LET YOU SHARE WITH THEM, THEIR RECLAIMED PLACES. My "Eagles" will have done their work, the white, the golden and the Quetzal of great beauty and infinity will soar again through the heavens. Again the buffalo will nourish on the new lands and GOD WILL SMILE UPON HIS CRE­ATION.

You think Dharma writes a fantasy? How about Little Crow? NO, students, no fantasies this time of evolvement--the WHOLE of the play is being remembered. True prophecies come from the simple REMEMBERING of how it WAS.


Does this mean that the "Indians" will rise up against this nation? They won't HAVE TO.

Why are these ancient "natives" and so-called but mislabeled "Indians" never mentioned in the Bibles OR in the historic placements in the books--save in passing? Because they always were, always ARE and always will be. They are remnants of that which is alpha and omega--they are the "beginning" and the "ending". They are the offspring of a living Creator and a living Mother (Nature). The rest of you are evolved invaders--and color doesn't have a damned thing to do with it.

We have many who ask about "friendship" and "do you know Little Crow'!" And "Little Crow, do you know - - -?" Chelas, forget this superficial nonsense. Know each other'! The bonding between these eagles is not of this plane. Of course they "know" each other--as human beings stumbling down the roadway of this transgression of a life-span. But the bonding of infinity and purpose--direction and Source lire infinite. Each has a service--an offering which was offered in the final act of this wondrous "play"--just as each of you have your individual purpose in the bringing of the whole back into the ONE. If YOU cannot recognize the HIGHER BONDING--you have little promise of accomplishment of that which you THINK you are seeking.

As we bring forth these things of "recording" you had best be looking beyond and heeding the sharings of such as Little Crow: "Ain't none of us going to hell, ain't none of us going to heaven. What we are doing is going into the infinity of our being, the infinity of our creation, which is energy--energy and that's it. Energy has always existed, always shall exist and will continue to exist whether we have that realization or not .... "

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