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I just heard my girlfriend's thoughts...

Heard sum1's thoughts lat
User ID: 1197245
United States
12/19/2010 08:53 PM
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I just heard my girlfriend's thoughts...
I am a good judge of character, i'm open and honest and therefore i do not keep friends who do not posses those qualities.

Around 6:20pm Est. 12/19th/'10 we were in Food Lion and we were looking at tea. She said oh look, at one of the teas which all it said on the front was the brand and the effect which was something like "easy breathing". I wasn't interested so as i was walking away i said "menthol" because i smoke menthols, and menthol clears the sinuses. Then i thought, well, i mean it must be some sort of mint but was too tired to even correct myself, so i walked around the end of the isle into the next one.

A couple were at the end of the isle closest to me when i turned into it. I waited a little bit for them to move so i could get by as they were blocking the way. Right when the guy moved my girlfriend turned into the isle and was only a few feet behind me. She said "it's liquorice". Then as we were passing by the couple i say "Mmmm liquorice, sounds good." And then soon after she said "it smells like marshmellows". And then soon after that i said "I can go for some liquorice".

Then the craziness ensues.

She said "oh that's interesting i was just thinking of telling you it was liquorice" and of course i'm like you just did, as soon as you turned in the isle - i thought she was joking. We do joke with each other but we never carry on a lie for too long, if we are trying to trick each other, and she never let up.

To keep it short, i went to go ask the couple if they heard my gf say liquorice or anything when she turned in the isle - no. Now, sometimes my gf is crazy, or maybe i just think that, so i asked her, "you were aware that you were only THINKING of telling me it (the tea) was liquorice - yes. So she was thinking of telling me it was liquorice, which i heard loud and clear, but only said that it smelled like marshmellows.

Mind you i am pretty damn chill lately, no drugs, just, i think it's anticipation for this 21st in 2 days so i have been naturally extra calm and loose lately, feel a natural buzz, and also perceptive. Could just be me and an effect of the anticipation but i feel a little more detached from the world, i feel beauty, i see people and i am happy. I am not supporting the theory that 2 days from now is the real "2012" event, we could be wrong. But this is a first. Maybe someone else will share a similar story. I told my gf to be careful what she thinks at work, wouldn't want a co-worker to be like, "WHAT did you call me?!"

Have also noticed an increase in my own picking up on number combos 111 222 1144 44 1111 etc.

AND i also documented an event here that happened awhile ago after the first "big CME" thread. I almost passed out though i've never fainted before. You can read the short documentation by searching the threads for "4:04" (second thread). Apparently i am not the only one.

Be happy, yall! Peter Pan style. Nothing to lose by believing, much to lose by not believing and finding out it's real.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 658249
02/19/2013 02:38 PM
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Re: I just heard my girlfriend's thoughts...
cool story.
too bad you (s)tarted on the 111 222 thing..
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31416609
United Kingdom
02/19/2013 02:42 PM
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Re: I just heard my girlfriend's thoughts...
This happens to me sometimes.

Once as a kid I was playing hide and seek at school and I "heard" one of my friends say "he'll never find us here". Thing is they were about 400 yards away hiding next to a hedge row. When I found them straight away they thought I'd cheated. How do you prove to kids you heard their thoughts?