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Message Subject ***HOW TO BIRTH A GOD, Magick of THE EQUINOXES. **********
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do u have any friends? Do you just post your new age bullshit all day everyday? You are a weirdo! Get a dog!

Excuse me? Im a Christian. I do have a cat btw..

Those that await Zion and the Son know what Im talking about.

You are NO christian! You have been deceived and you are full of unclean spirits.

You deny Jesus came in the flesh and that HE died on the CROSS for us! In fact, you believe that Jesus had a bunch of kids! You are so confused. Go away weirdo! Go hang out with new age messiah, I imagine the two of you would get along famously...

Then call me LEGION.


Or the BLOODLINE, whatever you prefer...


the Cross is important to me, its the cube unfolded.

Legion... this is the answer to all the Guys claiming that they are the TRUE AND REAL MESSIAH!

There are so many of the Jesus Christ Bloodline, they are LEGION. But... who of them is right? Who is the Messiah? Al Murredin... please go back in Line.

abduct whatever
 Quoting: sick of all wannabemessiahs 1143595

I never said Im Jesus, am I three years old??? Mostly likely (shrugs) hes three years old now.


Unless I can do hands on healing or rule the world, I dont think Im Jesus, lol...

He will rule the Nations with a Iron Rod, the Prophecied Christ
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