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Message Subject ***HOW TO BIRTH A GOD, Magick of THE EQUINOXES. **********
Poster Handle Tali
Post Content
hey whats your thoughts on the Mormon religion there al i find them intriguing

and there prophesies as well

I think they have a fascinating knowledge that there will be other planets and other earths, This isnt stressed enough that earth is just one planet and theres many more in our eternal destiny.

All faiths have vital pieces of the puzzle. Jehovah Witneses have great Bible Knowledge and keeping out of commercial greed, (humble lifestyle) and the Seventh Day Adventists has a healthy kosher style of diet.
All faiths have something to offer.

I grew up in that faith...

Tali, tell us about it. Did you get something from it? I take it youre not a Adventist anymore?

No I'm not, I turned into a raging teenager and quit going...lol

But...I have to say some of the things we did and didn't do, now that I reflect back, are important. For instance keeping the sabbath holy...we did it on Saturdays, from sundown friday night til sundown saturday night. In fact I went to an adventist school, we had half days on friday so we could prepare for the sabbath. (cleaning house etc)

We did not shop, watch tv, listen to the radio (no worldly stuff) we did not work, or have anyone work for us. It was a day of rest and a day to reflect on God. Most saturdays we spent on nature walks, hiking, listening to hymns, or doing crafts...my mom used to play the piano a lot on saturdays...

Now that I am a grown woman I can see how this one day to rest can be so beneficial to your relationship with your family, peace of mind, relationship with god etc...back when I was turning into a teenager I thought it was crazy.

We were strictly vegetarian til about the time my parents divorced, then we ate clean meats and stayed away from unclean meats.

Honestly, I think that adam and eve were vegetarians...over time and the destruction of the ecosystems, pollution etc...plants arent as nutritious as they once were. I think we were created to be vegetarian, but have evolved/adapted.

I ended up attending just normal bible churchs and still do...however lately I have had a hard time with the "once saved always saved" thing...

I always thought the SDA church was way too legalistic...and now I'm considering that maybe they are on target....still looking into it I guess.

I went to a catholic funeral last weekend, I have never attended anything catholic and I was really interested in all the traditional extra stuff they do...it's quite amazing.

Kinda wishing i took world religions in college now lol
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