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All Religion set up by Ancient Alien Race for Fear Contol purpose

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12/23/2010 12:39 PM
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All Religion set up by Ancient Alien Race for Fear Contol purpose
The reason why Religion doesn't work is because it seperates us stoping people from loving each other equally - We are One - There is no Seperation you see - This old System was put in place by an Ancient Alien race to keep us in fear and boy has it worked - So much that You will even argue this point - We all Have the Christ Consciousness - Nothing to do with Jesus the amazing Teacher

The two Ascension traps Religion and Commerce

When the Anunaki first empowered the priests to oversee their plantation on earth they put into place two institutions that would keep everybody in fear and duality leading to endless cycles of reincarnation. These were of course the two systems that still to this day enslave most of the world which are commerce and religion. Neither of these systems are inherently bad on their face but what they both do is the same thing which has kept everyone from being able to freely love each other, along with the planet, and all that is in it by promoting the very principals that fear is based on.

I spent most of my adult life deeply involved in the religion of Christianity as a born-again evangelical “spirit filled” believer. It is funny now as I think back to what released me from that religion and it’s many different versions was the revelation that the CREATOR, being perfect love, was not angry with anyone. The CHRIST that came to the earth long before Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha, was not a being of human origin but that of a light being that gave the truth and principals of what being Christ-like or Christ conscious was all about based on the law of one.

Unfortunately men that love power came along and perverted much of that teaching and turned something filled with light and love into a religion making it a complex affair based on the premise that man was lost and separated from the creator. That is kind of like saying that you can separate oxygen from water and still have water. Where there is oxygen and hydrogen in proper proportion you have water. The same with the creation and the creator which cannot be separated since the creation is the creator. If you separate the creation from the creator you have a black hole. This all then opened the door to convert the human teachers of THE CHRIST into god-men which is impossible to exist in creation since humans cannot be light beings or deity until they have been through the incarnation cycles and moved up through ascension into the higher densities and subsequent raises into beings of light. Humans do have, of course, the divine power to create and exercise free will as long as we can live with the consequences good or bad.

The men that became teachers of THE CHRIST, which some would call star-seeds, simply learned the lessons of love becoming adepts in the mystery schools, forsaking themselves, and then going about teaching how to be born-again and stop the cycles of reincarnation. The part that I never saw much of in Christianity was the decision to die to this world and all of its “attractions”, changing one’s ways to serve mankind instead of compete with mankind since it was easier to call them saviours and worship them instead of obey their teaching. Somewhere along the way there comes a time when we will all have to make the decision to choose to love everyone and not chase after all the things that push us towards a competitive attitude toward everyone around us. This of course includes loving our enemies knowing the best thing to change an enemy is by showing love. Trying to teach an enemy a lesson by punishment only creates a climate for revenge, anger, and/or death which does nothing more than create more karma for ourselves.

While each religion has a strong element of truth unfortunately there usually exists an equal or greater element of perversion that very much appeals to our egos. The only question then is do we listen to our spirit/higher self and yield to the truth or do we yield to our ego and incorporate all the perversions that each religion has. There definitely is no shortage of goofiness to each religion’s man-made doctrines which for the most part are easy to spot when they make one group or person out to be more favored by the Creator than an other or by raising another human up to be worshiped above others, which is an abomination to the creator since we are all here to raise our consciousness and eventually ascend. We should save worship for the Creator and the light beings that make up the force of love in the universe. Probably the easiest way to determine a Christ-like teaching to a man-made doctrine is if it sets you free to freely love everyone without fear of anyone.

The second trap of ascension that was put into place on this planet was that of commerce through competition with money as a way of keeping score or who is winning. This whole system has done a fine job of creating classes of people by how much one owns and how much one makes. If you do not make much or own much the label would be a poor person or if you make much and/or own much the label would be rich person with the latter seen as less than the former. This of course opens up all kinds of issues just ripe for egos by giving the illusion that poor should serve the rich out of duty. With these kind of demands placed on everyone the whole planet was made a prisoner of their score card or credit rating to determine what you can or cannot do. Before anyone can travel anywhere, acquire anything, or build anything, money and who has it has to be consulted for permission. This, like religion, does a fine job of keeping everyone in fear and thereby making “profit” the golden calf to acquire and admire.

Now while both of these institutions obviously have enslaved mankind and kept most of from any forward progress, outside of what is allowed, not to mention robbing the greatest desire of all to be free to do and pursue gifts and callings, none of us was forced per se to participate in either. There is enough good teaching in all of the religions about love, service, and giving to have kept all of us from dividing ourselves from each other through beliefs and enough truth to have kept all of us from seeing each other as competitors. Rather we all, in one way or another, bought into the perversions of both and became driven by the fears of afterlife and standing in society. So the question might be why was all of this bad allowed, promoted, and by whom.

In short, it was of course done by a handful of agents with ego agendas through time. Instead of seeing them and what they have done as our nemesis though, a more honest way to view them and their systems would be they are “THE TEST” of have we learned our lessons yet. Understanding that we are students trying to get A to reach ascension and knowing the only enemy any of us have is ourselves and by defeating that enemy we can then move into a Christ-like love and service, pass THE TEST before us, and enjoy the highway opening in the near future of ascension thereby moving into a life of freedom by the engine of love.

In the end we have ourselves to change by moving out of our memberships in religions and instead focus on becoming Christ-like leaving the adversarial systems of commerce behind by taking a path of service to all as opposed to worshiping god-men, adhering to rituals, and following traditions taught by men which do deeply appeal to the ego but in the end do nothing to relieve us of our fear. Becoming Christ-like is probably the simplest thing in this world to do but the hardest thing to accomplish since it goes against the two biggest Ascension traps, Religion and Commerce.

With more and more truth coming out all the time exposing these two institutions for what they are and how they have held us back, along with the frequency of the planet going up daily thereby aiding our ability to discern them both will allow us to see the path to becoming Christ-like and take our place among the stars.

Nicholas Grachanin

[link to www.galacticmessages.com]