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Message Subject Man faces 20 years in federal prison for pointing laser at sheriff's helicopter
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can't even LOOK at a police officer the wrong way or you'll land in jail, and in court the pig's word is NEVER disputed. That's how it works in America.

In this country, an 18 year old boy who has consensual sex with a 17 year old girl is put on the same sex offender list that serial rapists are put on. A teenage boy in Colorado was horsing around with his friends in the mountains kicking rocks around and a rock accidentally fell on someone's head down the hill who later died. That boy got charged with MANSLAUGHTER and will never be able to get a real job when he gets out, that is if he makes it out of prison without being raped and beaten to death first. His life is completely ruined because of an ACCIDENT but if you are rich and/or famous, you can get away scott free with blatant acts of murder or child molestation.

Our legal system is fucked up beyond belief.

So tell me.. if that was one of your Family members that died from that rock how would you have taken it? Be honest.. and if you say something stupid we will all know you are full of shit.. His life is ruined.. but, what about the lifes of the people around him.. they are ruined.. so fuck him. guess he should not have been kicking around rocks on a fucking MOUNTAIN.. How stupid is that..

Not as stupid as the stuff your defending
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 939950

Thats what I thought.. DOUBLE STANDERS... whats not good for the gooes isnt good for the gander..
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