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Message Subject You're all acting like bitches to me . WHY? Merry Christmas.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On top of that Op is a lying ass drama queen. She said a poem was hers that wasn't. She said that pic was her in the avatar and isn't. She claimed she would never hear from her daughter and granddaughter again and she has. There are numerous other things she's posted that doesn't jell. It's no wonder the old freak is alone. Can you imagine being stuck around her. Ie. "I said good morning and you just smiled." "I walked into Mcdonald's and some people were leaving. I asked them wtf their problem was." "At the grocery store the cashier checked out my items. When she was finished she didn't invite me over for dinner. She doesn't even know my name and won't ask" "My dogs hate me because one of them yawned."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 672656

I remember that thread. When finally called out on the avatar pic she said something like, "Well, it looks like me." Haha.

And then on the poem someone posted a link with the poem written by someone else. She then claimed "copyright infringement", lol.

She doesn't know when to stop. If she had just admitted to the lies then I think people would have forgiven/forgotten.

I don't believe a thing she says anymore.

Fess up to the lies, OP. Then change your posting name and avatar and come back without the lies and attention-getting ploys. It may surprise you that people might like you then and you can stop posting these "woe is me" threads.
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