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Message Subject Do Dating Sites Ever Work?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been on for a number of years (hangs head in shame..) but have never met one person I would even consider marrying. Hmmmmmm...Me? Or....

I am with you 100% there, so don't feel It's you.
Most are just out to use and mass date as many as they can. As you say, they rarely even read the profile lol.

Dont laugh too hard at me ( lol I know you will ) but I have started to see It like the pokies, after all my losses the big one must be about to come In.

Hmmm of course, we all know the house Is then lost thinking that way lmao

Good luck with It , but seriously you may have better luck here finding " the one ".
 Quoting: Stormflower007

You side with her because shes female?
This is the person opening threads telling trinity she wants to marry him.
She is a player nothing more out for whatever she can get to use and abuse however she likes.
Believe it or not there is many women these days who are just players who tell men they want something genuine.
Yet have 8 different guys at once telling them that having drunken unprotected sex with all of them.
This one im sure is one of those who gives dating sites a bad name and is the female version of the ones you are talking of.
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