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Message Subject Do Dating Sites Ever Work?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been on a few dating sites for awhile and I've been very specific in my profile,but out of the last 100 responses I've gotten,only ONE knew what 'TEOTWAWKI' means!They don't even read my profile!They just look at the freaking picture!
Anyone else have this problem? I really WANT a relationship but I want a man who can at least READ.

How old are you?

But... More importantly... What do you look like?

Ha Ha...

Very pretty,thus the responses w/out reading the profile. 5'5, 110# ,very long dark brown hair,long skirts and boots. No one ever guesses my age w/in 10 or more years.
 Quoting: anniesnow

Guess what? It doesn't matter. I've been trying to meet somebody who liked me for my personality cuz guys hit on me all the time, so I didn't put up a picture and don't send one until we've talked for awhile first.

I still get tons of responses and few read the profile. I say things like must be reasonably fit for your age - they aren't even close to that. I'm fit, I don't want some porky guy. They write anyways.

I say the higher your IQ the more we'll have to talk about. Most of them who write to me are such idiots I don't know how they managed to log on.

(If a fat moron is reading this and offended - sorry - just saying what I would like).

Really they want anything WITH A VAGINA.

I have a 3 month rule. That's extremely useful for weeding out the ones slick enough to make it past the fat and stupid tests who still aren't all they say.

Tell them flat out about your 3 month rule and watch the users run. It works!
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