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Subject The Crowned Handsome Face on MARS..Is it ALALU's?
Poster Handle goddess isis
Post Content
I am fascinated by this picture. It depicts a man wearing a crown. His face is beautiful. It looks quite delicate. is that a man or woman's face? What do you think? I think it's a man's face.
Could that be the late Anunnaki King Alalu?

Could the Face on Mars be Alalu’s image?

Enki’s book clearly states that Alalu was buried in a mountainous cave and that his image was carved “with beams” in the rock to “forever gaze” out into space, just as the Face on Mars appears to do. If the translations are accurate, doesn’t it seem reasonable to suppose that the Face on Mars was created after Alalu’s image?

Pic here : [link to imageevent.com]

Other Photo : Female Face on Mars

[link to imageevent.com]

She looks like a Queen, very beautiful.

What is your opinion on this?
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