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Message Subject The Movie SHANK reveals the illuminati plan for Prince William to be King by 2015 !
Poster Handle ClaytonB
Post Content
Right at the start of the movie Shank, it says something about KING William. Now considering this Movie is set in 2015, wouldn't it make much more sense that Charles would be King, that is of course if Queen Elizebeth had even died by then?

With all this speculation that William is in fact the Antichrist, did the makers of this movie let slip the plan of the Illuminati when they referred to 'King William'?

Therefore, if Prince William is to be Antichrist, he must be able to convince the Jews he is their Messiah. The prophetic fact means he must be at least 30 years old before he arises. William will turn 30 on 21st June 2012.

What was also interesting about this movie was that food was extremely scarce in London by 2015. Is this in fact another forecast of events to unfold in the very near future?

[link to www.imdb.com]
 Quoting: Eye On War

Prince William born 21/6 (British/Euro date format)

6x6x6 = 216


His "lifepath number" also comes to 11 (a number with unusual numerological significance, like 22 and 33).

21+6 = 27
27 + 1982 = 2009
2+0+0+9 = 11

All I want to know is what they did to poor Princess Di to make the birth happen on that day. Maybe that's why she started going all batshit on the Royal family.

Clayton -
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