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Message Subject The Movie SHANK reveals the illuminati plan for Prince William to be King by 2015 !
Poster Handle Eye On War
Post Content
Satan would never want us to unmask his Antichrist, and yet many vainly think God is the one who would never want us to unmask and reveal the Beast, however, that in itself is another false belief men are all too quick to expouse. The Scriptures didn't go into all of that detail spanning across several books about the coming Antichrist for nothing. The Antichrist is to be "revealed in his time" to the entire planet, at "the end of days," at a time of great technological advances, yet also at a time of great change and upheaval in the world, wars, natural disasters, etc. The Scriptural account makes this clear, yet what even some Christians too quickly assume is that the Antichrist must appear evil from the start, to which they only want to ascribe an Islamic connection with. Clearly they are ignorant, and Satan is entirely smarter than that. Daniel (Chapter 9:26-27) actually outlines the characteristics of the Antichrist they overlook, stating that he will be a European Prince whom the whole world adores, a descendant of the ancient Roman Empire, who becomes a King at a time when Europe is again unified as in the days of Rome. Knowing this, I invite you now into the knowledge of other key details of this coming One-World leader who shall yet bring the entire planet under a single international banner, with a single currency and religious system, and why this is dangerous to humanity even though at the time, it will sound as if that "New World" is earth's only hope for survival.
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