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Message Subject Breaking BBC :: Alien Twins Hybrids : Twins Madness In The Fast Lane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I will tell you this. I have been around many many many accident sites, and countless damaged automobiles. Many damaged by people and animal impact. Ive also cut countless cars into pieces. I was even hit once by a car the same way but only doing 15mph sending me over the roof. To cave in a windshield support and windshield like that, and get hit by the front bumper flipping you up into that area, she should have had broken shoulder, ribs, legs, arm, internal injuries, facial injuries, concussion, more. To get up from that is nearly impossible for a normal human. The sister the same thing. The only thing keeping her grounded were the busted legs.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1012969

yes thats the point i was trying to get accross. and i mentioned mk ultra because if you watch the project camelot interviews it does fit the profile of mk ultra.

another theory of my own is that these twins are are of the extremely rare direct ancestors to neaderthal and have much greater bone thickness and muscle strength just as other great apes,,
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