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Message Subject Breaking BBC :: Alien Twins Hybrids : Twins Madness In The Fast Lane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Amazing when you see something, have video of it, and cannot even understand what you have seen.

Some deny it because they have to live in a world where everything has a neat little answer. Some deny it because they fear it. Some deny it because they know what IT is and cannot let the general public know.

Some don't deny it, but can only guess weakly about what it is. Some proclaim it, but don't really know that they believe it.

I do not know any human 40 year old women who can be hit by a speeding sedan or run over by the wheels of a large commercial truck and survive. The girl with the fractured leg went under the wheels, you can see that if you pay close attention.

Sabina, the other sister, is hit by the sedan and after crushing the roof-line of the car is thrown about 8 feet into the air much like a rag doll. When she regains consciousness, she gets up, hits an officer, then runs down the other side of the highway until restrained by several men. How is it that she is not bleeding profusely, with head and soft tissue injuries?

So you will know, those two are genetically enhanced hybrids, and probably not just any, but a bad-ass version with some Reptilian DNA, hence the incredible strength and hardened skeleton.

They always have a control personality with an emergency backup. The EB is normally very basic and benign, only taking over in emergency, but even it was not functioning properly that day.

Hybrids react very differently to food and medicine so I might surmise they ate something that day that they were not used to, thus triggering the episode. Something as innocent as a peppermint candy can have a startling strong effect on a hybrid. Never give them alcohol!

If you watch the video you will see the rest of the story as it gets even more bizarre.

I would bet that Sabina is not in prison, but was released for observation by the government assuming they guessed what they might have. If they still do have her, I can guarantee you that the "Sabina" personality was pulled out by the advanced races with just the EB left in the body.
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