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Message Subject Breaking BBC :: Alien Twins Hybrids : Twins Madness In The Fast Lane
Poster Handle Keeper of Light
Post Content
I'm still watching it, as it is 37 minutes long. How can posters who posted in 5 minutes have any insight?

Since the times of the Nazi human experiments during WWII, twins have a particular fascination for the experimenters.

Seems to me that these women were a part of an MK Ultra type of program when they were young, like an early super-soldier program, and got, or misread a trigger to do something for which they were programmed to do. When caught, pre-programmed suicidal orders were implemented. Sabrina wasn't even hurt being hit by the sedan. Wow, something is very curious here.


BINGO. i have watched the full story on british tv before, and youve nailed it, at the end you will see that the psyciatrists and investigators insist they were somehow subconsiously playing off each other and it made them flip, apparently some kind of rare phenomenom.. well thats pure steaming bullshit,.. they were mk ultra and they were triggerd either accidently or on purpose. manturian candidate mk ultra, duncan ofinian, arron mocculum.]
yup you got it.

I'd say mkultra is the pure steaming bullshit because you have no evidence to support it, whereas, if you knew anything about psychosis, you'd realize that it can give people abnormal strength and make them impervious to pain whilst the episode lasts. They WERE twins (remember?) and it is well-documented how twins even at a distance have been known to do exactly the same things and think the same thoughts.

Speculate all you like but the facts tell another, more-down-to-earth story. The trouble is you are just ignorant of pathological psychiatry.

yea we all know that mental or medical conditions can make you impervious to getting hit by two cars in one day and barely a scratch? then take off running? you're trying to tie this to how people react on certain drugs and seem to be able to fight anything off, BUT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT GETTING HIT BY TWO CARS. let's see, the second time she was hit the car had to have hit her legs first, then she caved in the windshield including putting a big a ss crease that has a sharp point on it with some part of her upper body, yet according to you, all you have to do is be crazy and you can get hit by cars 2 times and then fight cops. you're a fucking moron.

Not all people get hurt bad when they are hit by moving cars. Sometimes they can get lucky if the impact is tangential instead of direct and full on. This is what happened to the young woman.

The only moron is you for assuming that people automatically die when hit by cars. The fact remains that one woman who was hit did get her leg broken. Oh, you missed that, didn't you? grinning
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1226227

dude shut the fuck up and quit putting words in my mouth, i never said i thought that people die that way. if you knew how to read, you would have known that my stance stated how she was able to get up on her legs after getting hit by two cars. yea people miraculously survive these things in two ways, BUT, you're the idiot who is on one hand saying "sometimes they can get lucky", and yet apparently quite lucky, because they do it twice, and Sabrina later can jump off a bridge. I know the other girl had a broken leg, i never said she didn't, in fact you have done nothing but say things i haven't said or implied. how miraculous that both are so lucky. your logic is fucked.
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