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Message Subject Daytime Lake Erie UFO footage including Triangle UFO, and another an even closer fly by same Triangle craft filmed at same location.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The following is from the History Channel show on the Lake Erie UFO's, The history channel shows in this clip that these objects are showing up in restricted air zones, there is no airplanes even allowed to fly in these area's because of Power Plants!

The History Channel also proved and clearly states "they do not have the same appearance as FAA lights required by aircraft to display and the different color and pulses also do not match up to any known FAA Lights or police or Military vehicles.

UFO researcher/advocate Jim Dilettoso perform "spectral analysis" of video imagery of these exact same Orbs of Light UFO's showing up over Pheonix, Texas, and it would be great to have Lake Erie Footage examined, Jim Dilettoso proved these Ball Of Light/Plasma could not have been produced by a man-made source.

Dilettoso determined the amount of red, green and blue in the various video images and constructed histograms of the data, which were then compared to a database of known light sources such as flares, Lanterns, Planets, FAA lights, Etc.

The Balls of light UFO's do not match up to any known "spectral analysis" histograms of any known light sources, that was the conclusion.
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