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Message Subject Daytime Lake Erie UFO footage including Triangle UFO, and another an even closer fly by same Triangle craft filmed at same location.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what up, OP. i'm in the area. seen lot's of weird stuff myself. used to live 5 miles from headlands. went outside one night in june a few years back and one of these giant light orbs was hovering above my back yard in the middle of the night.

i looked at it for about 5 seconds. i think it realized i was there and blinked out. i saw it resurface about a mile up 2 seconds later and it continued to pulse as it rose till it was out of sight. it was a crystal clear night.

i've seen some other craft in the area hovering and i know the difference between conventinal and the unexplained.

i've pulled over on rt. 90 west and watched a huge craft hover till i got bored on time.

there is some weird stuff around here.
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