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Message Subject Daytime Lake Erie UFO footage including Triangle UFO, and another an even closer fly by same Triangle craft filmed at same location.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live 5 minutes away from the shores of Lake Erie on the Canadian side.

They are planes. They fly over the Lake all the time.

They are using an approved flight corridor, they turn like planes, they move like planes, their speed is that of a plane, they change direction like a plane, and only when they pass directly overhead do you see their bright landing lights which from a distance swamp out the red and green wing lights and make it look like an orb.

And I'm a firm believer in UFO's having seen the famous Texas Lubbock Light formation type myself.

But these are planes, plain and simple!

They are planes.

That is such Bullshit, If they were planes, The FAA and the local airports would know that? All airports and FAA were contacted by Mainstream reporters and were told they Are airplanes that are being witnessed in this area over lake erie, These are not normal flight paths, and these objects are not being pickep up on radar.

And that CEI Power Plant in the video, That has been a no fly zone for 5 miles around it since 911, So how does your that are Planes theory handle that, and also the fact it has been proven they objetcs to not match up to any known FAA lights in Color or Configuration?

I think perhaps the minds that are not ready need something to hold onto so perhaps the powers that be are obligated to tell peole they are just Balloons, or Chinese Lanters, Or Airplanes, Etc just so they ones still asleep just like yourself do not go nuts.

Just a theory because the Cheines Lanterns, Flares, Airplanes, Etc. BS is getting old and many are starting to see right through it.

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