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Message Subject Glenn Beck Says COFFEE Will Go To $77 A Pound!
Poster Handle FLUFFY PUPPY
Post Content
Glenn Beck is Mormon. I believe Mormons don't drink coffee as part of their religious practice (anything with caffiene).

As for $77 a pound coffee: I hope his prediction doesn't to pass because I live on the stuff!

Fluffy,I really don't care if he's a Morman,a Saint or a Jew.
All I know is that everything he's said for the past 3 years,has come to pass. Take it with a grain of salt or not at all.
All I know is that this world is in chaos and it's getting worse every day. I much prefer to be prepared,than not.

Anniesnow, I'm a big Glenn Beck fan actually. I agree with you on everything he has said for the past 3 yrs coming to pass. I was merely pointing out the irony that Mormon's typically don't drink coffee and he's talking about $77 a pound coffee. peace

Oh. My bad. Forgive me,please?
 Quoting: anniesnow

Forgiven. Glad to know I've found yet another poster with like-minded views. tounge
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