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Message Subject Glenn Beck Says COFFEE Will Go To $77 A Pound!
Poster Handle anniesnow
Post Content
get rid of all the crap food fake food and keep to the staples.. coffee fresh meats yogurt/ice cream fresh veggies/fruits and no microwaved crap

glenn can afford coffee but what about his coke zero?

I hate paying $7 or more. Will this become a barter item?

Just another indicator that we're headed into a full blown 1984 scenario. Coffee was a very special, and near impossible to obtain luxury, in the movie (and book).

Won't be long before the slaves are commanded to work their life away, on food that has no nutrition in it, with hundreds of chemicals assaulting their health from "food", water, and air. And now... No coffee to help you create some fake energy.

Meanwhile, the putrid pukes who have literally stolen your country out from under you (just as the founders said they would) are living in unimaginable luxury. But the good news, is that these people will be weeping and howling, and gnashing their teeth, when they realize that they gave up the REAL prize... The one that lasts forever.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1207332

Seriously. Where is the money going? Not on infrastructure.Thousands of bridges are at the point of failure. Our highways are in disrepair,our airports are outdated and yet congress gets over $170,000 a year to sit on their asses and figure new ways to steal our money.
What did YOU make last year???
And we sit here on our toys and bitch.
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