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Message Subject Glenn Beck Says COFFEE Will Go To $77 A Pound!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Lessons from the Holocaust about Fascism
on this page:

•Lessons from the Holocaust about fascism
•the Nazis in their own words
•a small sample of accurate material about the Holocaust on the internet
•a small list of books about the Holocaust
related pages:

•The Reichstag Fire
•Prescott Bush (W's grandfather) and the Nazis
•Holocaust Denial used to discredit 9/11 skeptics
•Not See's and Nazis: Psychological Denial about 9/11 complicity
"the world has been familiar with the concept of the 'murderer at his desk.' We know that fanatical, near-pathological sadism is not necessary for millions of people to be murdered; that all that is needed is dutiful obedience to some leader."
"The great things in life are never done by normal people. They're done by crazy people."
-- Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005)

Shocked and sickened by the evidence which he heard, Justice Musmanno who presided over the [Einsatzgruppen] trial wrote:
One reads and reads these accounts of which here we can give only a few excerpts and yet there remains the instinct to disbelieve, to question, to doubt. There is less of a mental barrier in accepting the weirdest stories of supernatural phenomena, as for instance, water running up hill and trees with roots reaching toward the sky, than in taking at face value these narratives which go beyond the frontiers of human cruelty and savagery. Only the fact that the reports from which we have quoted came from the pens of men within the accused organizations can the human mind be assured that all this actually happened. The reports and the statements of the defendants themselves verify what otherwise would be dismissed as the product of a disordered imagination.
-- Judgment of the Tribunal, p. 50
[link to www.holocaustresearchproject.org]

I would have preferred it if he'd followed his original ambition and become an architect.
-- Paula Hitler (his younger sister), during an interview with a US intelligence operative in late 1945.

The precise number of Holocaust victims is not possible to know precisely. While the Nazis kept meticulous records of their crimes, many victims were "liquidated" without the benefit of precise counting. (Many of the victims killed immediately upon arrival at extermination centers were not counted.) Nearly all credible estimates range between five and six million Jews, not counting the millions of other victims (Polish Catholics, political dissidents in Germany and occupied countries, Gypsy (Roma) people, Serbs, ehovah's witnesses, Russian non-Jews, communists, male homosexuals, etc). Several of the internet resources on this page detail the Nazi crimes against their non-Jewish victims, especially the holocaustforgotten.com website.

Whatever the precise body count, the range of uncertainty for the Jewish Holocaust is not very large and debating it is pointless - the bottom line is the culture of Eastern European Jewry was obliterated in one of the worst genocides in human history, perhaps the most technologically sophisticated mass murder ever (although World War IV will probably exceed the Holocaust in terms of bureaucratic planning and the scale of the crimes).

While the Nazi Holocaust was a disaster for the Jewish people -- and the other groups targetted by the Third Reich -- understanding these crimes is important for the entire human race, since the reality of the Holocaust shows how governmental bureaucracy, corporate structures, militarism, media propaganda, profiteering, and expansionist imperialism can combine to create genocide. The Nazi Holocaust is a critical part of human history, which should be studied similar to other large scale crimes such as:

•the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - more than one third million dead, with residual health consequences for survivors and their children
•"conventional" firebombing of Japanese cities - hundreds of thousands of civilians burned
•the "rape of Nanking" and other war crimes by the Japanese military
•the war on Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos (1954 - 1975) - about three million dead
•the Khmer Rouge - well over a million dead
•the massacres by the Pakistani military in "East Pakistan," now the nation of Bangladesh
•the Soviet Union's starvation of the Ukrainians at the height of Stalinism
•the "Gulag Archipelago," the prison camps across the USSR, mostly in Siberia
•the Rwandan genocide - almost a million killed
•Idi Amin's reign of terror in Uganda
•the war in eastern Congo after the Rwandan genocide - three to four million killed in war and disease
•the "slow genocide" underway in Zimbabwe (depopulation of cities where the people are most opposed to the government)
•the Biafran "civil war" in Nigeria
•the dictatorship of Equatorial Guinea (nicknamed the "Auschwitz of Africa" for the reduction on its population from hunger, disease and efforts to flee)
•the Turkish genocide of the Armenians - over a million
•the Guatemalan massacres of indigenous peoples - perhaps close to a quarter million
•the Salvadoran massacres during the 1980s "Civil War" - 75,000 or more
•ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia
•war crimes in Chechnya
•Saddam Hussein's attacks on the Kurds and the Shi'a of southern Iraq
•Desert Storm (1991) - 200 to 300,000 Iraqis
•the siege of Iraq (1991 - 2003) - perhaps over a million from disease
•the US occupation of Iraq (2003 to the present) - estimates vary, but a million is probably close
•the Israeli siege of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), which has turned their lands into a giant prison camp
•perhaps the worst contemporary crime of all is the structuring of the world economic system in the latter half of the twentieth century that diverted enormous resources toward excessive wealth accumulation even while tens of thousands of people, many of them children, died every day from preventable disease and hunger. This genocide is in many ways the worst - since the facts of it are known to anyone who chooses to be informed about the state of the world and there are no violent reprisals for learning this truth.

[link to www.oilempire.us]

Save and print before it is taken away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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