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Yesterday´s Baseball Picks

3/4 Guru
07/22/2005 12:39 PM
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Yesterday´s Baseball Picks
some of you might remember my attempt at baseball picks 2 months ago. when i started, i had LOST three nights in a row by 1 run each time on the over/unders

on the gov sports lottery where i bet, you must take a minimum of 3 picks (and the odds are not that great).

well, having lost before most nights, i curtailed my small betting but started up one or 2 nights ago

now, check out what happened last night.

i picked

kc/cleve over 9.5

sea/tor over 9.5

nyy/ana over 9.5

and, my 4th pick,

(also nyy/ana) - A Rod to beat V Guerrero in total bases for the night

this would give me 10 - 1 odds if i won.

now, kc/cleve came in kc 1, cleve 10 (11). over.

but sea/tor just missed. sea 3 - tor 6 = 9 (i needed 10). so, UNDER. WRONG!

but in this game, with the score 6-3 and toronto with their last at bats, they get a lead-off double. excellent! then there is an in field hit, runner holds on 2nd. then, with none out, the next batter tries to sacrifice them over a base each. he tries bunting but pops the ball up. runners gotta freeze. the pitcher let´s the ball drop instead of taking the one out, picks it up, and starts the easy double play. next batter up hits a long fly out, end of inning (and my chances to keep alive.). If the bunt had got down, and a runner went to third with one out, the subsequent fly ball would have scored the 10th run and made me 2-for2 instead of losing. this would prove significant with what happened in the later new york game...

in the yankee game, i would have needed 10 or more runs combined and alex rodriguez to hit more total bases than vlad guerrero.

things started off smashingly with a. rod hitting a homer in his first at bat to not only put runs on the board, but to add 4 total bases to his total - an almost unbeatable start. along the game went with the yanks going up 5-2 late in the game, with guerrero remaining hitless - until the 7th. then, guerrero hits a grand slam. beautiful for the runs total as now it´s up to 11 and a correct call - but wait guerrero now gets 4 total bases himself. a tie between my player and guerrero is no good.

as it turns out, that would be vlad´s only hit, and a rod got a double and single to go with his homer, so i got that one correct too. but i got the seattle game WRONG. BY ONE RUN AGAIN!